Friday, April 24, 2009

Hold my hand, and never let go.

If I choose not to take that leap of faith, would I ever know of the happiness over the rainbow? If things were to work out differently, would I still be sitting here contemplating on the decision? If my ego were to lessen just that bit, I'd like to believe sweeter things would've already come along my way. If I were to ask, would I get the answer I want? If I were to spill, would it result in heartbreaks or happily every after? If life was less complicated, we'll be happier and merrier, clinking to life's simple pleasures....

...but I'm glad life's just that little bit more complicated, just so it'll be worth it in the end.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm trying. Really.

Leaving on a jet plane in six hours.
To attempt climbing Kota Kinabalu.
With the most minimal training effort.

Have a great easter break ya'll!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have toned biceps

Swarmed with work, yet only when I'm swarmed with work will there be updates on this blogs.
The irony.

Kayak trip over the weekend was deemed productive. Scored.
Two hours one way, 10km, under the hot midday sun, against the wave.
Reached island which has no bathroom, no whatsoever.
Set up tent, lit up fire.
Start cooking. Heavy rain pour.
Continue cooking Ramly patties over open fire under heavy rain shielded by army or rangers holding up canopy.
Eat heartily, even though food is filled with sand due to strong wind.
Clock in to sleeping bag at 8.30pm. The earliest record for the year.
Wake up.
Tuna and bread.
Kayak for another two hours.
Fresh water and shower, one of the precious things in life.
Home sweet home. (:

Can you tell I'm procrastinating?
At least it cleared my mind a little bit.
Good day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I would write down a thousand million words to describe how I feel right now, but I'd rather not. Soak it all in my mind, breathe some fresh air of the night, and let it all out with the wind.

You know what's so magical about snowflakes? It's how intricate the design is, how symmetrical, yet out of the infinities in the world, none is alike.
I miss my snowflake.

I want to let my hair down, lay back awhile, slip on that pretty dress left hanging too long in the closet, put some make up on, wear that four inch stiletto, and dance in the moonlight with good company and drinks.

It'd been awhile.