Monday, November 30, 2009

Bimbo post

"So I will dance with Cinderella,
I don't wanna miss even one song,

cause all too soon,

the clock will strike midnight,
and she'll be gone... "

I am supposed to be asleep, tired I may be, I feel so compel to write, it's been awhile after all, since a decent update was written. November is coming to an end, and in a month's time, the year is officially ending. It's been a roller coaster year for me, and as much as denial plays its role, I've realized that I've experienced drastic changes this year, and sometimes the changes surprises even myself, and I'm still finding footings in a lot of things in life. Questions after questions pops up in my mind on and off, to which I cannot give a proper answer. Only recently did I understand what it meant by a complicated situation, only lately did I understand, knowing more does not necessarily makes you answer questions better. What ifs and what has become, was it my expectations? or my selfish little ways? or are we just human? I'm tired. so tired at the moment I just want to throw everything aside, and enjoy the pleasurable holidays of waking up to sweet nothingness, and make random plans just to make myself that tad bit happier, or think less for that matter.

To those who don't have an inkling, I'll be leaving to the States in a month's time, for Work and Travel USA. It's been something I've been wanting to do since forever, alright forever is an overstatement, but yea, it was one of my to do list to ticked off. At this point, everything is settled, flight tickets are already paid for, visa already approved, and yea, all there's left is packing and leaving on a jet plane. To be honest, the feeling hasn't really sunken in, it still feels very surreal, and I'm not that ready as I thought I would be. Five months isn't that long a period, but long enough for things to take changes, things to take flight, things to wear down. For once in my life, everything is so tentative, everything is not definite, and it's scary, but very exciting at the same time. I guess the whole thingamajig of feeling overjoyed, nervous, sad yet happy kinda feeling will only sink in probably a week, or maybe just a day before departure. I'm that kind of last minute person, although thinking of New Year's in Miami itself is already sending tinglings down my spine! ;p

Holidays so far has been great, awesome in fact. It felt pretty empty at first when exams just ended, probably because I've already got so accustomed to the study sleep eat life, but life is now. Life is the ability to sleep in, to catch up with friends whom I haven't meet for ages, to play guitar hero till the wee hours of the night, laughing my butt off hearing my sister sing to rock songs she'd never heard of, to take a million pictures, to have odd jobs for that extra pocket money.. ok I believe there is more to life than these things, but I'll settle for being easily contented at the moment. The month of December is reuniting with me in two days, and it remains as my favorite month of the year. It will pass swiftly, in a blink of an eye, as much as I try to grasp hold of it, but one thing for sure, it's going to be very different from the other Decembers I've had before. Right now, all I hope for is a good month, good month in the sense that things will go smooth, priorities will be acknowledge, good results, hearts will be mend, relationships be healed... honestly I just want a genuine smile again.

Things that keeps me sane over the holidays and pre-holidays:

Girly Gossip Day
Short catch up over cupcakes and savories.
It's nice to have girly meet ups every once in a while.
Girl talks are so essential in life.

Cupcake delivery girl

Sweet tooth
I've such a sweet tooth when it comes to sweet drinks. You name it, I'll love it. Ooo, especially when it comes with sticky chewy pearls/taroballs (snowflake one is ♥)/tong yuen with black sesame filling mmm. The one in the picture is from Hong Kong (on the same row with KTZ SS2) which we've decided to try since KTZ was so packed. Ended up being conned because it cost RM7 just for that bowl up there. Not worth. Boycott! Three layer tea smells so heavenly with Gula Melaka in it!! Extra brownie points!

Been up there a couple of times, and still enthralled by the breathtaking skyline view. Too bad the look out stand that used to be free for all is currently occupied by a new restaurant, sigh, making you pay if you want to get to the top deck for good pictures. Such rip offs.

The 'corporate' us
Working for Microsoft events are pretty fun.
We were lamenting that this look would be us in the future.
Meeting up in formal wears instead of that flirty mini skirt and tight fitting spaghetti top.
Sigh, this is how fast time flies.

View from Level 39, Twin Towers.
Motivates me to work harder to work in offices with city view.

Fooling around in formal wear post event, till we were so tired and cranky.

Sitting down in front of the art gallery, just cause I'm not born to walk in heels, and it hurts.

Volunteering for Vacation Bible School
Team Elephant!! ;p

'Watering Hole Snack'
Their food crafts are all very very cute!

We also managed to have a trip to the ostrich farm, where we saw, sat and ate ostriches.
That little girl was trying out by stepping on ostrich eggs. Pretty hardy aren't they?

See what I told you? So cute right!
This is giraffe! The chocolate stick is to die for!

Zebras! Haha. Taking care of kids aged 4 to 6 years old is a bundle of joy and headache.
Massive. None can sit still! Seriously.

Crafts 101.
To which the helpers did most of the work at the very end.

Isabelle! (:
Such a sweetheart! Heh, but such a naughty little kid.

Vanora! such an intelligent charming little girl.


Glowsticks loveeeeeeee.

Johnson's 20th

♥ thank you!! for obeying the cinderella's curfew. heh.

Winter bar is so freezing cold!! Brr was literally freezing half the time inside.
I loved the chair though, the egg shaped chair. and the interior of ice bar.

Barbeque Party

Super delicious rosemary chicken, with salad, grilled veges, sausages and smores.
Mmmm. ;p
Maybe I need to learn how to domesticate myself.

... and here comes the end of bimbo post, as comical as it may sound. I need to un-bimbofy myself to get some decent rest, and finish up my project long overdue.

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