Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tee Me Off

First ever attempt at golf, spontaneity is the way to go. Made a fool out of myself, but it's all good because I still hit the 100m mark. Speaking of which, who wants to go with me again?? (: (: Or rather teach me the tips and skills of playing golf.

Have a blessed Christmas you all!
I will be enjoying mine with a crazy random roadtrip to Ipoh/Penang/Langkawi.
I'm glad finally a chance to escape the city life for just that bit.
See ya all on the 28th again!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Words, just a stream of words

Random words. About random things I did. Or went.
I'm overpressing my schedule. It's so jam packed.

Reminder: Slow down, Relax. (:

Lookout Point. Souled Out. Hartamas Square. Shisha. Guitar Hero. Work. A rose. Seoul Garden's Minced Meat Happy Cooking Session. Wee hours Wii. Red Box Gardens crazy Karaoke Session. Movies, ranging from good, mediocre, very bad. Badminton Work outs. Mum's 50th@The Ship. Rock Climbing. More Flowers. Pool. Food Foundry's aglio olio. More work. Mango sticky rice. [Late night Grey's on bed]. Lap Sap Junkyard Sale. Zen's marble cheese cake. Glowing Paris Eiffel Tower. Ikea Meatballs. Everlast Mary Janes. End Year Sales!. Midnight Movie. Foosball. "so I will dance with Cinderella..." ( Can't help it heh). Heartbeat Christmas Musical. Rushed hour shopping. A hug. Home alones. Christmas cards. Sing like nobody's listening. Korean BBQ with the Mufians. Heineken beer camwhore night (:. Stacked up chocolates from countries. Msn emo chats without the barrier of distance. Unread books. Rapunzel long hair is on (: . Bacardi. Over-reloading of phone credit. Mizu Jap dinner with a certain friend. AnW's 21st birthday party invitation card is, so colorful. Nintendo DS. The joy of Mahjong and getting flowers, heheheh.

" Because the truth, the truth freaking hurts..."
Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

I never slept before 2 ever since holidays started. Gargh.
I can't wait till UK ppl get back (: (:
I crave Subway sandwiches.
I also crave Japanese.
I haven't had bubble tea for a long time. Record breaking. -_-'
I need my perfect pair of jeans, and miniskirt.
I have a Christmas wishlist.
I will be away in Langkawi for my hot beach Christmas.
I am extremely random today.
I can't complete proper sentence today.
I like sweaters. Knitted ones. Long ones that hug your hips nicely.
I need a black dress. That piece from Forever21 which I'm so reluctant to barter trade.
I am learning/ memorizing hao xin fen shou so that the next time I step in Red Box I can sing.
I want to be sweep off my feet.
I just realized my 20th is reaching, gosh i feel a little old. Mature.
I want a new anklet. Mine's dying.

I love December. Do you?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Hmm.. at times, we prefer to live in denial, don't we?"

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm happy I'm in love with my best friend

Do mood swings happen within a blink of an eye? Is joy and happiness sometimes temporary? I guess discontentment over certain issues can eventually lead to build up frustration over time with added minor hiccups in daily routines. Hiah, I'm literally in a very confused state now, and I choose to not deal with it, hoping the problems in life will evaporate alongside boiled water particles. Perhaps I just have too much thoughts going through me, when I should be ticking off to-do lists instead, which reminds me, a haircut (still contemplating which type, bangs? Short?), a trip to the bank to settle the case of forgotten password hence the inactive atm card, clear up my utterly messy wadrobe... the list never ends does it? At least keeping busy clears the mind.

Also, there are my little goals set for the holidays, e.g. fitness regime which till now has not started!, and oh that day when I was having dinner with the parents they casually told me that they will buy me a DSLR provided one condition, if I wake up one hour earlier for all my activities. I am crossing my fingers that my determination will be strong enough, so my hard earn money can be spend elsewhere. (: (: DSLR here I come!

Will have a long decent update pretty soon. Criminal minds is airing on tv now, that's my cue to go! (:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A thin veil to distort the truth

Blissful is the word to greet the start of my four month summer holidays. (:
Still soaking in the delusion of not having any exams to worry about after mugging over finals for a month or so.
Life is beautiful, so surreal.

Alright, exaggeration over here.
But it's going to be hell of a good summer *crosses fingers*.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Oreo chocolate chip ice cream please?

Occasionally I forgotten the taste of a genuine smile, of how laughing from the heart means. It's been awfully cold these days, especially when so many hours of my life is spent in the university's study rooms. Sigh. Maybe a breather, some fresh air in my current stale life will do good. I don't feel comfortable in my usual comfort zone anymore, and exam stress is taking a toil on me, especially when financial management paper was so crappy.

Today marks one of those sappy days where I can maybe relate to people who are mourning. Currently I feel like a crumpled tissue, used and disposed, metaphorically speaking. If you ever thought that one person can affect you so much, I assure you it's true. Actions of people whom you care influence you the most, especially when they do not realize, even though they don't mean it. Or maybe I'm just a little bit too sensitive. I'll digest and take it as the part and parcel of life, too much emotional ramblings on a public blog is so not me.

On another note, a brighter note, there are always the silver linings in life that keeps you going. Little gestures, and little things that God provides cause He knows you needed it that bad. Now I feel slightly better, in a way.

Sunset on two different days at two different places in the suburbs of PJ.
Beautiful, yet short lived. Given a chance, I would like to relive my "sunset" moments in life, although it doesn't last very long...

Fun Job
With cotton candy machines, helium balloons, party hats, and loads of present involved. Supposedly "nanny job" gone wrong.

Ice cream Sunday
Laid back Sunday with two girls and Esther.
I'm gonna miss you, Janna. (:
Take care over there alright?

Movies on projector during long study breaks, with latest episodes of gossip girl and heroes.
Extreme Mocha from San Fransisco Coffee as remedy, and motivation.
Red Bull and Brands as stimulators for the late nights, which failed miserably.
Thiam Beng's PSP. Patapon!! (: (: Saved game of 30 hours and counting. Omg.

More Sunsets.

Itchy fingers on window panes.
If you squint a little harder, you can see Patapon drawings! (:

Overnight rushed projects, which turned out good in the end. (:
A procrastinator works best under pressure.

Skytrek obstacle course
I love challenges, one of the more interesting weekends I had.
Drenched wet in the middle of the course, having to swing like Tarzan will be one of those fond memories, those one of a kind experiences in life. (;

Z's 19th
Paddington House Of Pancakes because the boy loves sweet savoury items, and to which he claims he could eat from Paddington's only for the rest of his life.

Treasure Box

Something random I found while browsing through my picture folder.
Silly things we do. Which was bundles of fun.

Alright, should get going reading up company law. Have a great weekend you all! (:
10 more days to my liberty, here I come!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't want to talk...

Library inspirations, 15.10.08

... cause it makes me feel sad

A little motivation to boost our determination, a little crazy stunts to keep us alive, some conversations to feel belonged, more inspirations to keep the dreams going, more liquid assets to keep up with cravings in life, music to sing along even though a line of lyrics is all you know, time off to watch some dramas to spice up life, more notes with colorful pens to keep studying interesting, more hours in a day, ice blended jelly pearl tea assorted flavors, and pressure to keep up with schedule. Le sigh, I'm lagging behind, say hi to coffees and red bulls. ): ):

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bittersweet symphony

Pathology, TGV cinemas.4th Oct 08
Empty cinema so we could do what we like.

I tend to be overcautious when it comes to the issue of trusting people. It takes me a whole lot of courage to spill my problems and thoughts, or just be myself with people around me. It hurts real bad when someone whom you've already approved to that level eventually disregards that special friendship, half my world tumbles along with it.

Food Foundry, Section 17
August 08

Missing you, Jia. );

The infamous Mill crepe, to which I prefer the chocolate flavored ones.

I still remember this one, it was such a random decision to go check the Eye out for one last time before the shift to Malacca, but we were all so hopeless in directions we went round one hour trying to find our way (Driving pass the Istana Negara five times isn't funny!). When we finally reached in the end, the lights were already gone, and we only had a few blur shots before the camera went konked. ); But getting lost ending up infront of the Parliment house was a fun experience.

German Cuisine@TJ Haus
7th October 08

Crispy Roasted Duck German Style

So a certain friend of mine decided to bring me along for food hunting, and this time it was German food. We should do this more often, right? (;

Jogoya, Starhill
6th October 2008

California Roll

Free flow of Haagen Dazs (; (; (;

Desserts in mini shotglasses

Drunken Prawn. So good I had three of it. (;

Family Love <3

Fresh oysters taste so yuck I could barely consume even one of it. Urgh, how can people eat that? Or maybe Jogoya's one weren't fresh that day. Loved the coconuts to bits, and the sashimi, and unagi, my undying love for Jap food.

I wish. I wished.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Through the lens

The cherry of the icing for the holidays was the long awaited trip to Penang. It wasn't the best destination for a holiday getaway, but the people made it such a memorable one, friends who you know will stick by you even if the whole world has their back upon you, which is basically all that mattered. Besides that, it was food haven, where we practically stuff ourselves silly with tons of unhealthy yet delicious hawker food. Most of the photos are already up on facebook for you all to grab, so here's just a snippet of Penang through the lens, my favourite picks out of the bunch.

Cendol, to which Jia Yi hates and calls the green thing "green worm". Tsk tsk, I love mine without kacang, substitute with jagung, which taste really really awesome. We even went back for the second time before we left the food haven. The ones in KL would never give you so much jagung.

Wheee, I like jumping shots! (:
And we took a gazillion billion shots before we got a nice one.
The others were.. only me flying. others on the ground hahahaha.

"Life isn't about the breaths we take,
it's about the moments that take our breath away."
~Simon Natator

Sunsets always reminds me of this quote somehow. Spent almost half an hour waiting under the scorching hot sun (not that I'm complaining, my tan!) with the camera so that I won't miss that moment, and boy, it was so worth every moment. The silhouettes, the arrays of colors, the calm sea. It keeps playing on my mind again and again.

A passion.
Today's cell hit me right at the heart again.
Made me realize how small I am, how unmotivated.

My real horse ride. (:
So satisfying, even though it was merely fifteen minutes, especially when it's extra special.

At the back alley of their very ancient buildings.
I like this shot. Everyone looked so happy.

Fried oyster!! It was one of my top to do list in Penang, and had it for three meals. Glutton indeed. Hohoho, but it was so good, so fresh, so BIG. Those in KL are those scrawny unfreshed ones, or maybe I'm just a lousy food hunter.

View from our room. (:

Presenting to you, Flying Man! And Big Bullies vs Small Boy.
Tsk tsk.
Stupid silly random things done at 0600 hr in the morning.
Only showing two out of the bunch, way too embarassing.

See, we were in our sleeping clothes!
Because smart people like us sleep at dawn, and when it's time for breakfast cannot wake up. Hence, rushing and all we just wore what we slept in.

Oh by the time this shot was taken, we were all very gross looking and half dead already. Smeared eyeliners, and icky sweat. Hehehe, but you know, I still like this picture, the focus so sharp. (: And thank you for coming all the way even though it was only for a day. I appreciate it you know? Really one.

Lights that came back with me. (:
So bedazzling, joyful happy light balls.
I'm super glad with this buy ok, apart from dvds, and my bubble blower!

To sum it all up, it was inexplicably fuuuunnnn. Mainly because there's no one to scold you for doing stupid things, sleeping late till you miss half the good morning aways, being with people you love, (: and yes, we all need to relax once in awhile. Now that I've gain a good few kgs over the years, it's time to lose them, I need to start my Live Life Healthy plan already. Need some implementations, and some discipline.