Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bittersweet symphony

Pathology, TGV cinemas.4th Oct 08
Empty cinema so we could do what we like.

I tend to be overcautious when it comes to the issue of trusting people. It takes me a whole lot of courage to spill my problems and thoughts, or just be myself with people around me. It hurts real bad when someone whom you've already approved to that level eventually disregards that special friendship, half my world tumbles along with it.

Food Foundry, Section 17
August 08

Missing you, Jia. );

The infamous Mill crepe, to which I prefer the chocolate flavored ones.

I still remember this one, it was such a random decision to go check the Eye out for one last time before the shift to Malacca, but we were all so hopeless in directions we went round one hour trying to find our way (Driving pass the Istana Negara five times isn't funny!). When we finally reached in the end, the lights were already gone, and we only had a few blur shots before the camera went konked. ); But getting lost ending up infront of the Parliment house was a fun experience.

German Cuisine@TJ Haus
7th October 08

Crispy Roasted Duck German Style

So a certain friend of mine decided to bring me along for food hunting, and this time it was German food. We should do this more often, right? (;

Jogoya, Starhill
6th October 2008

California Roll

Free flow of Haagen Dazs (; (; (;

Desserts in mini shotglasses

Drunken Prawn. So good I had three of it. (;

Family Love <3

Fresh oysters taste so yuck I could barely consume even one of it. Urgh, how can people eat that? Or maybe Jogoya's one weren't fresh that day. Loved the coconuts to bits, and the sashimi, and unagi, my undying love for Jap food.

I wish. I wished.


Patrick said...

You are making me hungry with all those food. :S

How's life back in KL? :)

ChiKhan said...

eh where do you get that german food from!!! looks effin good! Im stuck in my library now, its 6.59pm, and I waanna EAT!! ROAWR!

jia said...

dear...i miss you too..

so much ):

wana talk to u so bad ):

ur exams coming up right..
all the best k..
i know u can do it..
i wish i can tag along with u to ur library where we overturn chairs and eat instant noodles.

haha. sigh. those things i do with u.

missing u loads.



roz* said...

[pat] Life's alright, the usual ups and downs. Finals too near though. LOL, how's sg?? When are you coming back for a visit?

[chikhan] Somewhere in Subang area. Pretty decent meal. (; Since when were you so hardworking?

[jia] You rarely come online now. ): When I'm online that is, sigh, i no longer overturn those chairs, and eat instant noodles. );

Update me on life in UK, remember you're spposed to update your blog! Hmph!

Xoxo. (:

ChiKhan said...

telling me it's somewhere in the subang area doesn't really help you know -_-. EH! It's an obligation la.. don't do... FAIL..

roz* said...

I think it's ss18, some row of shops surrounded by houses.

Hehe, obligations in life. (: