Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yesterday was the time of our lives

Just a couple of days ago, i came across an article about how Facebook makes people miserable. Skeptical, I took a quick glance, absorbed the key facts and left it aside, considering the fact that i do not spend that much time on Facebook to start with. Today, I relate to the article. 

Sometimes you stumble upon things you don't want to see, or know. Years ago it wasn't possible to do such a comprehensive virtual stalk on a real life person, nope, not even with the existence of friendster. Sigh, you could tell how deeply affected I am tonight, by the little things that you 'accidentally' stumbled upon. Small, yet impactful. Truth be told, the person who quoted 'sometimes it doesn't hurt not to know' is probably the greatest genius alive.


I haven't been putting thoughts in words for the longest time ever. and this little spider has also found a home in this dusty abandoned space of mine. Thing is, adulthood really changes your perspective in life. From those minute little details, to the larger than life ones. Ultimately, we're the ones who complicate our own life. But leaving it entangled a little too long, and you'd probably find yourself suffocating trying to solve a huge big maze you created.


5 more days to Christmas. Time flew like the speed of light this year, yes, I'd admit, I had my fun, making a mark on different parts of the world this year, but there are so many rough patches this year. Survived my excruciating pain from appendicitis. Went through my first ever peak period at work, and spend those nights camping away in office, wondering if the efforts were really worth it. Broke many hearts, and at the same time, broke my own each and every time. Learning that I can't have all the toys in the shop. Pushing my limits. Understood what 'loneliness' really meant. and watch a few friendships wither at the account of building a few tight ones...

I'm learning through it all. Toughening up, but at the same time, finding the old self back. That sweet little girl, who gave her genuine all to people. Might not be as simple as merely saying, but constant reminders to self would do the trick. "The world may be harsh and cynic, but you don't have to be one of them. You could shine, and make that little bit of difference..."

10 more days to wrap up 2011. Not gonna let anything crush me down now. Gotta keep my head high. Gotta have another happy blog post reminding me how 2011 has put so many smiles on my face. Gonna have to build that old self back once more. Gotta learn how to smile genuinely, and love genuinely.

For now, let's bask in the joy of Christmas season, and be reminded of how great God is, in any circumstances possible.