Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yesterday was the time of our lives

Just a couple of days ago, i came across an article about how Facebook makes people miserable. Skeptical, I took a quick glance, absorbed the key facts and left it aside, considering the fact that i do not spend that much time on Facebook to start with. Today, I relate to the article. 

Sometimes you stumble upon things you don't want to see, or know. Years ago it wasn't possible to do such a comprehensive virtual stalk on a real life person, nope, not even with the existence of friendster. Sigh, you could tell how deeply affected I am tonight, by the little things that you 'accidentally' stumbled upon. Small, yet impactful. Truth be told, the person who quoted 'sometimes it doesn't hurt not to know' is probably the greatest genius alive.


I haven't been putting thoughts in words for the longest time ever. and this little spider has also found a home in this dusty abandoned space of mine. Thing is, adulthood really changes your perspective in life. From those minute little details, to the larger than life ones. Ultimately, we're the ones who complicate our own life. But leaving it entangled a little too long, and you'd probably find yourself suffocating trying to solve a huge big maze you created.


5 more days to Christmas. Time flew like the speed of light this year, yes, I'd admit, I had my fun, making a mark on different parts of the world this year, but there are so many rough patches this year. Survived my excruciating pain from appendicitis. Went through my first ever peak period at work, and spend those nights camping away in office, wondering if the efforts were really worth it. Broke many hearts, and at the same time, broke my own each and every time. Learning that I can't have all the toys in the shop. Pushing my limits. Understood what 'loneliness' really meant. and watch a few friendships wither at the account of building a few tight ones...

I'm learning through it all. Toughening up, but at the same time, finding the old self back. That sweet little girl, who gave her genuine all to people. Might not be as simple as merely saying, but constant reminders to self would do the trick. "The world may be harsh and cynic, but you don't have to be one of them. You could shine, and make that little bit of difference..."

10 more days to wrap up 2011. Not gonna let anything crush me down now. Gotta keep my head high. Gotta have another happy blog post reminding me how 2011 has put so many smiles on my face. Gonna have to build that old self back once more. Gotta learn how to smile genuinely, and love genuinely.

For now, let's bask in the joy of Christmas season, and be reminded of how great God is, in any circumstances possible.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I fear most

Fear of height? No.
Fear of wild animals? No.
Fear of the dark? No.
Fear of physical pain? No.
Fear of public speaking? No, ok, maybe slightly.
Fear of spirits and ghosts? No.
Fear of insects? No.

What i fear most, is the pain of geophysical distance from people who matters.

Sigh. Final quarter of 2011 is gonna be something different altogether, but please be kind to me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

as my soul slips away...

... at the very least, i still have things to keep me sane. (:
we all need our lil' escapade every once in awhile..

#1 bubble tea addictions.

#2 wheeee 10 seconds joy.

#3 nasi bojari om-nom-nom. delightfully tasty!!

#4 a meal fit for carnivores.

#5 Girly catch up!

#6 Chic Pop joy!!

#7 pimping up the workstation.

#8 Monday perks!

#9 roller disco!

#10 still surviving!!

counting down the days to Hong Kong!! <3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday sweetness

clockwise from top left:
Mr. Tiger roaring out Sunday. i love Departure Lounge.
Throw in some good reads (with lotsa colorful glossy pages!)
Next to-buy book, battle hymn of a tiger mother.
Summer dress paired with a big sling bag to chuck all-in-one.

Toast to an amazing weekend! And all pumped up for Monday!! ;p
bring it on!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Milky Way

I should currently be flipping through hundreds of pages of contemporary business issues, deciphering why sub-prime happened, at the meantime prep up my understanding on the current economy's future outlook.. but my mind breezes through those economic terms and floats into a semi conscious state. Imagining, how gorgeous it would be to lie in the arms of a loved one staring at the splendors of colors painting the sky, dotted with stars on that grassy field of El-Teide, Spain. We would then have nothing on our schedule, and simply just enjoy each other's presence, and photograph all the lovely memories of us in our moments. Picture perfect moments.

Beautiful, ain't it? I've currently jotted it down under one of my To-Visit before I die. I guess that part of my wandering heart will never settle for just a mediocre city life chasing fame and fortune. Yet I know the distinction between perceived life and the reality, and reality for me is two CPA papers awaiting to meet me in two weeks time. Time is ticking, and I should be racing against time. Fairy tales shall wait for now... (;

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I once thought, if you could push your feelings aside long enough, it'll soon gather dust in the deep dark valley, bound never to resurface. I once thought, I'll feel all fine and dandy again without having to dig out the past. But I was wrong. Once you've gathered enough courage to push the ''refresh'' button, all the tiny memories will eventually start trickling out of darkness. That's when you realize, nothing has ever left.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where is the crying shoulder when i need it?

unraveling the knots in my life.

" look at the brighter side of life would ya? "

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the endurance race

cpa papers.
personal goals.

in no particular order.


uh oh.
one too many commitments?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happiness is a feeling

Having so used to being driven around, it sure feels good reigniting the thrill of having my hands on the wheel during late nights speeding my way home. Maybe it's the solitary time for self reflection, or maybe it's having the power in your hands, or simply just because I wildly love doing things to the extreme, well, sometimes. :p

So it's currently 2am, on a mid week, with work the next day, and here I am swiping the dust of this almost forgotten memory keeper of mine. I'm pretty contented with life today, although I may beg to differ in just a matter of minutes. Feelings are such uncontrollable items I sometimes wish I can be an ignorant blissful naive girl.

But such is life, and life is such. The more you know, the less you understand. Life complicates itself, and it's up to oneself to actually untangle the knots one has entangle themselves into. Constant reminders to always have a little fun along the way... and do what you love.

Speaking of which, here's a peak of my to-do's of 2011 and you can feel free to join my happy lil' journey just holler up! (;

1. Photoshoots, theme 1: Bubbles, Greens, and Laughters! (JU!)
2. KL Marathon, I'm darn serious this time around. 10km, anyone wants to join/train with me?
3. Master at least one ballroom dance.

... and i shall jinx myself to retain that happiness feeling in me as long as I can. I heard that happiness is a disease, and it can spread, so I'm spreading some of my happiness to you today! Go buy yourself a treat after this and have a great week ahead!! (I'm already badly looking forward to the weekends!!)

xoxo, a big hug to all of you out there who needs one just as bad as i do! <3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

ok, i admit

... i'm not made for the kitchen.

could not possibly imagine how cooking a simple mac and cheese dinner dish can turn into blunders of mishap. Mr milk went spilling all over the floor thinking it's fun, and Mr. Fire decided to go all out to take revenge on my brunch, darkening part of my pot i'm now dreading to clean. Great, just great. Lost my appetite, and now I'm munching on undercooked Spongebob and Co. pasta drenched in cheese paste which I think is a shade too dark for my liking.

I have two more packets. anyone interested in biting off miniature Spongebobs and Toy Story characters??

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes I wish I was a tech geek.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The start of 2010 was spent on Miami's South Beach gazing at explosions in the sky, with a can of good ol' Budweiser in hand, surrounded by a bunch of happy crazy people ushering in the new year. 2011, however, started with a nice twist, watchnight service in church, and I'm glad I chose to start it the right way this year.

In honesty, I'm not ready to close 2010 as another chapter of my life just yet. It's been such an incredible journey albeit the tears and rainfalls. If you hadn't notice, in 2010, I'm a changed person, from an introvert sweet girl to a crazy outgoing girl with a bold personality. If you were shocked, I'm equally shocked as well.. but I will only reply:- "funny how situations and circumstances changes someone"...

15 days into 2011, and I'm finally embracing 2011. In 2010, I threw off the drawn lines, stepped into the deep end of the pool, enjoyed the very essence of freedom with no boundaries. In 2010, my formula was to live life to the fullest being 21! and I pretty much did. Reality hits when you turn 22, when career comes into place... so for 2011, I'm going to focus on the more important things in life and quit trying to have a foot in everything else in the world. It's not easy, but being jaded at 22 is not ideal! Resolution for 2011? Quality over Quantity.

The clock just strike 1.23am! I'm off to bed for now, so I'll be energized for work tomorrow!
May 2011 be a bright year ahead, where dreams are fulfilled, and hearts are joined.
Have a Fantastic Latte Friday! (;