Monday, April 25, 2011

The Milky Way

I should currently be flipping through hundreds of pages of contemporary business issues, deciphering why sub-prime happened, at the meantime prep up my understanding on the current economy's future outlook.. but my mind breezes through those economic terms and floats into a semi conscious state. Imagining, how gorgeous it would be to lie in the arms of a loved one staring at the splendors of colors painting the sky, dotted with stars on that grassy field of El-Teide, Spain. We would then have nothing on our schedule, and simply just enjoy each other's presence, and photograph all the lovely memories of us in our moments. Picture perfect moments.

Beautiful, ain't it? I've currently jotted it down under one of my To-Visit before I die. I guess that part of my wandering heart will never settle for just a mediocre city life chasing fame and fortune. Yet I know the distinction between perceived life and the reality, and reality for me is two CPA papers awaiting to meet me in two weeks time. Time is ticking, and I should be racing against time. Fairy tales shall wait for now... (;