Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Land of fairy dusts sprinkles and Mickey's charm

a childhood dream.
two on a journey of adventure.
disney characters scattered everywhere.
four magical park.
countless smiles.
and everything else was.. "wow!"

"half a year ago, a dear friend and I stumbled upon the magical land where dreams come true. and we spent 7 very happy days discovering every corner of this magical land, had many joys and laughters along the way..." Disneyland. the array of colors. the joy on the faces of every dancers and workers. a delightful aura. cute little rides. amazing roller coasters. words are simply not enough to describe this bustling world, so shall i leave you with visual displays:-

#1 a fairly comfortable room for 2 @ Comfort Inn Lake Buena Vista.

#2 tickets to Disneyland!, sunnies, frozen frappes.

#3 we're officially heroes for walking more than a mile to the outlets. but once we saw the stores in sight our weary mind and body auto rejuvenated. ;p

#4 Celebrate today! is their very theme for the year. So pleasantly surprise to be invited by Disney characters upon arrival with a parade full of dancers and very very colorful characters. ok call me childish or whatever but how can you not grin from ear to ear when you're in Disney!!

#5 Buzz Lightyear!!
"To infinity ... and beyond!"

#6 Weather was scorching hot we got ourselves Edy's bite size ice cream which did wonders cooling us temporarily. I ♥ Edy's!!

#7 lo and behold, the infamous Cinderella's castle!
very picturesque, regardless in bright daylight or starry starry night, but it's literally impossible to get a shot alone with the castle without having other bystanders in your pic.

#8 Minnie's tiny note in her house. sometimes i wish my to-do lists are as simple as hers, call Mickey. make box lunch for Mickey. bake a cake for Mickey. instead of bank, errands, work, errands and more errands. wishful thinking much. (:

#9 Alladin's world. Very arabian.

#10 ham and cheese wrap!! with an assortment of side dishes including cheese, sauteed mushroom with onions. Sho good. Ok, it wasn't fantastic but we were hungryyy, and i love ham and cheese to bits.

#11 i still cannot comprehend how we (or rather, I) find an hour wait worthwhile for a picture with Disney princesses. must have been too much Disney in the short span of four days. but it was so cute to see all the lil' kids dressed up as little princesses ready to get an autograph from the princesses. (:

#12 "put your hands to heart" snap!
we look so pariah in shorts beside princesses in gorgeous dresses, not to mention lining up with kids dressed up in princesses suits. shakes head* but at the very least, here's a commendable picture to show you how very pretty the princess is. (:

#13 Castilla Del Morro. Intrinsic detailing of every architecture in Disneyland really wows me. Everything feels so real, and proper. Sometimes I wonder if those who work in there live in a different world altogether.

#14 The prettiest castle ever.

#15 Wishes fireworks over Cinderella's glowing castle, a fanfare of all things magical.

#16 So pretty le sigh. It starts at 9pm, but it's best to get there a little earlier to get a good spot. I was half blocked by people holding their cameras/vid cameras so high up,which made the experience half the fun. So we went back on the very last day again to make it up. Wishes fireworks twice!!! (((:

On the second day, we went discovering the wonders of the world through Epcot, and traveled through 11 countries in just a mere couple of hours. Spaceship earth was glaring at us upon arrival, and i absolutely love how futuristic it is. we got lucky the flower festival was ongoing, pretty flowers everywhere. /fell in love with the romantic air that surrounded the street of France / applauded the jaw dropping acrobatic skills of those young China’s dolls/ waddled through the rivers of Mexico and enjoyed their Spanish guitar serenades/ tried on a kimono in Japan and got our kawaii pictures taken/ rode a Viking boat in Norway/ sipped English tea out of a small little teacup in London/ scurried through the American adventure/ took silly pictures in the heart of Morroco in the little alleys/ didn’t like Canada at all, because all Disney could come up with for Canada is a huge waterfall. Best part of Epcot : being able to witness the killer combination of colorful lights, water, musical scores and fireworks, illuminations: reflections of earth.

#17 lookie the pretty flowers!! spring time calls for spring decorations!! every character has its statue made from plants, very very creative.

#18 flexibility. ;p

#19 Ola!! Como estas!! Going photo crazy!

#20 More character greetings! We went a little crazy on character greetings, and you can browse through the rest by clicking this.

Hop along, we became stars in Hollywood Studios!! (; Disney’s replica of Hollywood Boulevard is really impressive. Right at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard stands Hollywood’s Tower of Terror, a ride where we had the fright of our lives, literally. Thank goodness Beauty and the Beast musical showed right beside the tower, giving rest for our poor lil’ hearts. Loved the shows in Hollywood Studios, amongst those that you can’t miss are Indiana Jones and the lights, motors, action extreme stunt show. Hollywood’s make up . entertaining. Don't miss out on Fantastic Fantasmic!!

#21 The Darkroom.

#22 Infamous Magic Mickey's wizard hat. was so tempted at that moment to buy the hat. actually it would have been a good idea...

#23 One of the gazillion photos of us, with every background possible. ;p

#24 can't get enough of musicals and plays!
"tale as old as time, true as it can be..."

#25 you cannot ever miss this show if you're in Hollywood Studios i'm telling you. see pic#26 for a sneak preview and you will take my word.

#26 explosions in the sky!

#27 I ♥ coke!

#28 Top 10 favourite pictures of US trip!
note to self: to develop the photo and stick it up.
[oo number 28 ju!]

#29 the. props. are. fantastic.
really felt like we were in Hollywood to start with.
and all the more reasons to snap photos after every 1 minute of walking.

#30 see what i mean? ((:

#31 sunset blvd.

#32 Fantasmic!!!
lights + water = splendid supercalifragalistic show!
standing ovation pls!

#33 I've fallen in love.

How can we miss out Disney's very own Animal Kingdom when disney is afterall full of animals? loved how they made animal kingdom shady with big ol' trees to decrease the direct sunlight exposed to us. this particular park is a little boring in my opinion though, a little too kiddie for my liking. maybe if i'm 10 years younger i would have enjoyed it fully. :p nevertheless, i had my fair share of fun.

#34 the Nemo show, which i heart to bits!
it was so good, and when the bubbles started falling slowly, my heart melted.

#35 handy tip for all parks: the fastpass is an amazing pass. it's free of charge, and all you have to do is get it an hour before, queue up for another ride, come back between the time frame allocated, and trala! you get to skip the usual line and breeze through the fastpass line.
;p ;p ;p

// Both Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids are the best rides in the park! I swear, well, for my age group at least.

#36 self entertainment.
i was so short some random guy had to carry me from the back.

#37 chinese sweet and sour chicken. i actually miss having chinese from western countries where we get to eat out of a box and they give you free fortune cookies. how very cute.

#38 both me and ju had so much fun on this ride!! we were soaked wet and we had a bunch of fun ppl in our boat. oh and if you're a spectator from the bridge you get to soak others in the raft.
good fun, real good fun. /please remember to wear bikinis and shorts to this park though. Not very cool to get wet in jeans ey?

.. so these are my personal anecdotes of Disneyland. definitely glad to have the chance to visit it, and also with a crazy partner. Glad that my parents gave me the chance to embark on a journey on the other side of the world, and for God's faithfulness and favor... the inner child in me will never forget this very magical Disney experience. i have a feeling, i'll be back, if/when i have kids. :p

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