Friday, June 26, 2009

little did I know

The paper.
It used to be white. Pure.
Now, it's stained.
Just a little black dot in the middle.
A day later, there's a pen line, at the corner of the paper.
Blue in color.
Three months later. It has significant dirt on it.
Dirt from food stains. Dirt from hand prints.
Three months ago, it used to be white, clean.

What do you do?
Attempt to rub it all off?
Or try to decorate the paper to cover the stains?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

what lil' miss mystery has been up to lately...

.. apart from cramming for her finals.

You know, I guess that throwing your worries away temporarily sometimes does wonders. Today, funnily, I've decided to erase some things out of the brain, opening up the mind, and boy, it feels good. liberating. happier. lighter. laughter. Feelings that hasn't stuck by me for awhile, came gushing back. A genuine smile. Perhaps handing in my last assignment for the semester did help in the process, a crappy investment assignment that is, oh well, at least I get to focus fully on the upcoming finals, which is merely nine days away. /gasp

Just yesterday, I posted a personal message on MSN which stated: are you genuinely happy? To which I've received different types of replies, some happy, some thinking they are, some, not really. I don't really know which category I'm stuck in right now, just cause I do have mood swings which varies to my liking, but at the moment, I am happy. period. which is why I probably let myself time out from studies and blog. (: I'm also in the midst of planning my schedule for my three precious week of holidays in July, to which I am eagerly waiting for it to come by, minus the exams part. I need a break that bad.

Speaking of which, I've had so many accumulated pictures over the past few weeks, of outings, and those little memorable things.

Sunset in the city. The sun was so round the other day I took out the camera in a jiffy to snap this picture before the traffic light turned green. When the car started moving, all the other shots went blur. Boo.

Elken Motor Hunt.
23rd May 2009.
Of Ayam Brand, Bangsar, Gempa.
More to come the next time!

Agnes' 21st.

Playing oversized cards.

Buntings. Photos in frames. Itallianies Foccacia Bread.

Esther's 22nd.
We're all getting old man, talking about working life and serious personal stuffs.
Glad to catch up though!

Mussels. just because I love them.

I've been there twice, and I loved that place.
Nice concept, awesome photos.

The game of Catan.
Beginners luck. I won the first game. :p

Mindless scribbles.
I like my horsey.
It's nicer than the elephant right.

Throw chats.
(: (: (: (: (:
When studying in the cold library gets a tad bit boring and lonely.

Indian day in Rangers.
I wished I had a Sari.

Korean BBQ @Desa Sri Hartamas to celebrate the sister's 18th.

Family love.

Thank you, for Rakuzen. And Bangkok Jazz.
It was a good night chill out.

The condition of my room.
Books.books.books. are my best friend for the upcoming three weeks.

you make me happy.

p/s: I'm not used to the attention. Suddenly.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It gets a little hard to breathe when there's so much things going on.


My sole word to live by for the month of June.
It's going to be a crazy hectic month.
Can't wait for July to come by.