Friday, June 26, 2009

little did I know

The paper.
It used to be white. Pure.
Now, it's stained.
Just a little black dot in the middle.
A day later, there's a pen line, at the corner of the paper.
Blue in color.
Three months later. It has significant dirt on it.
Dirt from food stains. Dirt from hand prints.
Three months ago, it used to be white, clean.

What do you do?
Attempt to rub it all off?
Or try to decorate the paper to cover the stains?


just someone. said...

maybe decorate the paper.

everything in life can definitely be overcome and be turned into a new strength.

whatever it may be that you are facing, you will definitely overcome it. :)

*big hug* because everyone who is in a down mood could use one.

tomorrow's gonna rock soo much more than today did, you can bet on that. :)

roz* said...

Thank you. (: