Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Working Day of 2014

[Ok this post was meant to be completed a couple of days back, but I was so caught up in the work + gym routine (plus the lack of sleep) post travelling it resulted in a slight delay.]

Today marks my first working day for 2014, after a glorious one month holiday.

I thought I would feel the typical Monday blues that most people (I know, at least) do, but instead I felt eager to continue where I left off, excited to pick up new assignments. This must be coming from the goodness of my one month rejuvenation break. Now I’m feeling all gung-ho to be productive at work once again. Long breaks (& short breaks) are indeed good for the soul. 

So far 2014 has been a blast!

Went to Vietnam and experienced one heck of an adventure – from climbing the lime stone hills at Cat Ba Island to sitting on a tiny chair at a bustling Bia Hoi joint people watching. Of course, there are so much more in between and I must definitely find time to pen it down (before my memory slips away).

One particular thing I like about travelling is how it gives me the time to ponder over life, be it that 4-hour intercity bus ride, or up in the air, and when I’m simply waiting in transit. It is mostly during these times that I can do a self reflection and at the same time make mental notes for improvements. It’s something akin to picking yourself out of that tiny little box called daily routine and do a close examination of what went wrong / what needs maintenance etc.. all in all it’s very refreshing.

I thought I’d share some thoughts I gathered for 2014 while traipsing through Vietnam.

I am anticipating that 2014 is going to be an endurance year for me. It’s my 3rd year on the job, and expectations are only escalating, leaving minor room for slack and error. Pining for climbing the career ladder, there are sacrifices one has to make. The long hours, the accumulated stress, peer pressure to perform, brain scrunching work... I want to grace it with God’s strength. (:

Work aside, endurance also applies to the health aspects. Ever since joining the gym back in 2012, my fitness has improved positively, and the endorphins have indeed made my happier! I can now attest to the articles about the benefits of exercising / keeping healthy because it’s all really true! One of my resolutions for 2013 was to run a 21km marathon, to which I sadly did not (only ran a 16.8km). So this year is THE year for it.

Yes also to spend time with loved ones. Point to make more effort in catching up with the ones who matter, apply more care in the process of it all. Afterall, I want to simultaneously build my eulogy as well as resume. Too often I border being cold / distance, perhaps it's the lack of enthusiasm arising from the fear of rejection. Have to make mental note to learn how to cope with rejection, part of being an adult.

Here's to living it all out in 2014! Now, time for some CNY cookies!

(ahah, just note that more than half the content has no relation to my title)

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