Wednesday, January 8, 2014

About time for an update

Am writing this while taking a short breather from researching for my upcoming Vietnam holiday. Stomach's feeling a bit wonky at the moment, could've been from the turkey ham and cheese sandwich I just had from Pickle and Fig a couple of hours ago. 

Meant to write a reflection post of how 2013 has been for me, but I've been merrily enjoying my month long leave basking in the festivities! That aside, there's the time consuming event of choosing housing stuff for the new house renovation... which I really hope we can finalise soon enough. 

Today has been a great day though. Woke up feeling all the aches from pump and spin class y'day, and decided that my body deserves to lay in bed for that extra one hour - whereby I updated self on all social media platforms. 

12pm - Toasted bread with parmesan cheese for breakfast, continued the remaining bits of About Time, worked a little, got dressed and scooted off to Serai to catch up with Jia. Ordered the Serai platter to share (cuz she had two servings of Klang BKT prior to this), and ended the session with a slice of Hazelnut Rocher (picture below), which was reeallllyy quite good except I wished it wasn't so crumbly. 

5pm - Watched Blackfish with Z, a documentary about killer whales in captivity. Sigh, am saddened by how humans would do anything just to make profits - sacrificing the life of animals and also human lives. )': 

8pm - Had dinner with Esther at Pickle & Fig. As usual, we talked about everything under the stars! Neverending conversations with this girl I tell you. :p We need to have a staycation where all we do is sit by the pool, sipping cocktails and chat all day! 

How long will I love you - Ellie Goulding 

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