Wednesday, January 23, 2013


23 days into 2013, and I finally have time to sit down and write this reflection post! *pats self on back

Writing and updating this space of mine has been a thing I’ve been procrastinating since... forever. You see, I’d try my very best to minimise screen time when I’m off work. Minimising screen time = No incentive to blog. Hoho, the 101 excuses I create for myself.

But I shall make it a point to blog more in 2013, because re-reading them sometime in the future would bring back all the good memories of the past. So, here’s post #1 for 2013, a flashback of my 2012 highlights! 

#1 Happy shopping days at Chatuchak market 

Made my first ever trip to what most Malaysians acclaimed as “shopping haven”, and it has lived up to its name! Picking out nice pieces of tops, dresses, accessories etc can be so therapeutic! Best part of it is the price tag that comes with it, prices that you’ll never dream of getting in Malaysia. So much win!!

Ok, I do admit, I was quite irked with the weather.
At 35° we had to be pacified by the infamous coconut ice cream!, orange juices and cheap Chang beer.
We also had lunch at one of the stalls and they serve the best Pad Thai everrrrrrrrrrr.

#2  Stoned with the stones at Angkor Wat 

After my crazy peak period at work, Esther and I packed up our backpacks for a 10-day trip to Cambodia. Cambodia was all kind of awesome.

We rode horses across the countryside.
Sipped 1 buck beer all day long.
Tried 10 kinds of BBQ meat. Hated crocodile and snake meat. Eww.
Ate happy pizza with beer for dinner, and boy we were giggling and laughing at everything.
Didn’t know the after effect would last till the next day, and we literally stoned with the stones at Angkor Wat.

Man, writing this down really makes me miss strolling down the dusty streets of Cambodia, with a crazy adventure buddy. We need a new adventure, pronto! 

#3 Climbed a step up the corporate ladder 

2012 marks a milestone for me both academically and career wise. God does bless abundantly in His timing. Well worth the sweat and tears working those crazy hours, and burning the midnight oil for CPA papers.

WHEEE, no more CPA papers from now on! Exam woes are gone! Bring on ze champagne and celebratory parties! *cues Madagascar theme song lol

In 2013, the corporate ladder still remains a daunting one to climb since there’s still one heck of a journey to go. But when there are strong waves and crazy undercurrent, I will chant to myself, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming” and remember that I have a big God to rely on. (:  

#4 Laughed till I cried at Redang 

All girls trip to Redang. Most epic trip ever.  
Even before the trip started, epic things were already happening.

It started off in KL. We missed the bus to Terengganu because we were laughing and joking so much in the bus station. Good job! On our defense the announcements were really noisy and unclear. C’mon, don’t shout into a mic! So yeap, long story cut short, we saw the bus left helplessly.

Then Esther said the funniest thing that left Piaree dumbfounded. After we decided that Piaree would drive us all up to Terengganu, Esther quipped, “Well, at least we only wasted RM40 since we can still take the bus back!”


Piaree then replied, “OK Esther, you can take the bus back to KL while we drive ok?”


So many other epic things happened, but I guess these are the things make the trip more memorable. You girls are crazy, thank you for bringing so much joy into my life. :p 

#5 Joined a gym!

Halfway through 2012 I was constantly depressed with the weight I gain thanks to a desk job plus the many occasionally binge eating and drinking. So I rant and rant about how unflattering my body was turning out to be when I was supposed to be in my prime. Not to also mention my dead looking skin. SOOOOO FINALLYYY I decided to stop complaining since it wasn’t getting me anywhere. Like the saying goes how you should “if you don’t like something, change it”, I made a change by JOINING A FRIGGIN’ GYM.


I love how exercising and sweating it out makes you feel as a whole. I feel lighter, happier, fitter, more confident, and less depressed. Group classes are really fun and motivating! Also, getting yourself surrounded with people who live a healthy lifestyle is good for the soul.

Oh right, another perk of exercising regularly is getting to binge on food I crave without feeling guilty!!!

Now the challenge for 2013 would be to stay committed. Bring it on! 

#6 Kindled!

I love reading. I especially love reading in bed.

And you should know that reading hard copy books on bed are very cumbersome, especially when they are thick and heavy. They just wouldn’t stay on your hand the way you want it and my fingers get tired trying to pry the book open.

So, as a working adult with purchasing power (which is probably the best thing about working, if you were to compare to life as a student), I bought me and Z a kindle each from the US, and the meaning of reading on bed has been redefined.

The kindle is SO light!!! SO slim! SO convenient!!! I get to read on bed at any angle I want without tiring my fingers, and flipping a page is as simple as pressing a button. If I feel like reading a new book at 3am I can immediately buy it from my kindle and read it within seconds! Boy, I love technological advancement.

Speaking of books, I am hooked reading 1Q84. I’m halfway through, and it’s getting very very interesting!
All I want to do is to lie in bed and read all day. *wishful thinking 

#7 Watched Train Live!

“Oh I swear to you, I’ll be there for you

This is not a drr-iiiivvv-eee by….”

“Now that the wait is over
And love has finally shower her my way
Marry me, today and everyday
Marry me, if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this café
Say you will, say you will…”

Totally swept me off my feet. <3 o:p="">
Nuff said.

#8 Ran a marathon!   

Excuse my groggy face at 7am in the morning. Not a morning person, you can tell.

In efforts of living a healthier lifestyle, I joined a few marathons this year! I used to think running was boring. Until my first marathon. Running with many others across the city on a Sunday morning can give you a very liberating feeling. The fresh air, the sights, the exhilaration. More runs in 2013? 

#9 Fiji 

My trusty family dog passed away mid 2012.

We cried, and cried, and cried till we could cry no more. He has brought us so much joy over the 9 years, and he was family. A brother I never had, a baby our family dearly loved. Till now I still miss him dearly, and occasionally memories of him would flash by. Miss his welcome bark greeting me when I’m home. Miss his singing to his favourite piano tunes. Miss cuddling him in my arms. He was indeed a great dog.

Now you’re in a better place! One day I will see you again, Fiji.
You live in my heart forever.

#10 Scaled the highest mountain in South Korea, Mt Hallasan 

19.2km both ways, with an altitude of 1,950m.

Zi and I scaled it through the snowy trail!
WHOOP WHOOP *does the happy jig!

Will find the time to write about our journey up and down soonnnn!  

TADAAA, first post of the year done!!