Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As my mind wanders

St. Flopples Jr.
"Let go your sadness, give up the fight, follow your madness and take flight... take flight."
-How Starbucks saved My Life, Micheal Gill
"Excellence refuses to believe that near enough is good enough..."
goes the second mile..."
-Attitudes of Amazing Achievers, Philip Baker

"You will be an encourager, where your words will lift people's spirit up..."

My assignments and weekly readings are gradually on the increase. April is going to be a hectic month seeing there's a dozen assignments due, mid terms, a kayak trip and climbing Kota Kinabalu. I'm slowly digressing the whole chunk of juggling workloads, and considerably made efforts to pay that bit more attention in lectures, still working on attempting to finish up tutorial works, more hours in a day is much needed thank you. Today marks day two of my stamina-training countdown towards kk, it's only three weeks to go, and I knew I should have started training earlier, but I trust in my God, with prayer and faith, that I'll get the colored certificate albeit three weeks training.

On another note, I need to strive for excellence in all I do, especially to survive Monash third year in accounting and finance major. Clearly I'm procrastinating just that bit now, considering my sole reason online was to toy with investopedia, in which I'm a total blurcase who went to buy Starbucks share when the whole wide world literally know that they aren't standing strong during this period of economy recession, maybe I'm just biased like that. Gosh, I so need to change my investment strategy. Pointers, anyone?

Apart from all work and no play makes me a boring person, I itch to shoot with my new baby. Also did I attend Monash Hostellite Party last Friday and won something from a lucky draw, now I have a external mike so I sound much clearer while webcamming. (: Besides, the trusty friend won a flashlight ear pick (hahahahaha!), they buy the quirkiest weirdest thing ever. The weekend was pretty much wasted to more sleep, and a visit to Changkat Bukit Bintang, to taste the fresh dish from the Magnificent fish and chips bar alongside Kilkenny beer. Next 'food' trip in mind is to taste the much spoken about beef ball noodles just a street away from Alor. Who's up for it?

Right now, I have to go boost up my portfolio, dismay I am today when I see my stocks all depreciating in price, perhaps impulse buying of stock is not a good idea after all, which leaves me another alternative, to analyze the companies profit and loss.... Excellence, Rosanne, instill excellence...

I shall superimpose a ban on blogs for a week counting from today, to which reading blogs is absolutely prohibited too, coming to that, perhaps say facebook? Yes, that will give me extra 128493792857984 hours to complete my work. Have a great week ahead, and tell me about the most interesting happenings. (:


Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's a love-hate relationship

"you'll be the prince,
and I'll be the princess..."
Taylor Swift, Love Story

Profound. Action speaks louder than words.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

White Valentine's Day

Monash Olympics day
Helium balloons in the air.
(: (: (:

I've finally gotten my baby.
"...oh the wait was so worth it.."
Canon G10
Nope, the pictures above aren't from the new baby.
Soon enough, when I sort out my busy workload.

Done procrastinating, heh, back to work.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Would you pick me up when I fall?

"You're like an Indian summer in the middle of winter,
a hard candy with a surprise center..."
Thinking of you, Katy Perry

I've got to say I enjoyed my three day weekend a whole lot. As the saying goes, "the best things in life are free..", today being a public holiday was already a blessing. Half my afternoon was spent taking a stroll in a park which overlooks a beautiful lake, taking in the cooling midday breeze. The other half was spent at Starbucks sipping up iced latte whilst finishing up tutorial questions which I've left untouched throughout the weekend. I've also managed to wake up for a hike up Bukit Tabur with a breathtaking view on top, and swam laps during the weekend. I reckon I should keep up the pace to keep a fit body.

Blogging in point form seems pretty appealing to me lately, so shall I continue the post in that form. It's the getting lazy halfway through the post issue, it must be.

Few of my firsts in life...
.. getting sugar rush after drinking up four cans of red bull on the job at Uniten. (:
.. riding a scooter/motor and driving it myself. Whoopee!
.. seeing Jason Mraz perform live. And boy, it was good.
.. having three finance unit in a semester. Crazy combinations. I seek mercy.
.. volunteering for anything related to Monash. Registered as a buddy, orientation was fun!
.. seeing three incidents of broken glasses of many forms in merely a week. Scary. ):
.. not having bubble tea for a week even after university started.

Twas a good week.
But right now? I'm affected. My emotions are. ):


On an unrelated note,

Putrajaya, and it's infrastructure.
I was tempted to climb this, if only I wasn't drape in skirt.

Green Green GRASS! (;

We spend so many hours in Putrajaya, all for the sake of good pictures, alongside waiting for the drizzle to wither away. Pizza Hut never tasted so good as our hungry stomachs were one of the sacrifices made. By the end of the day, I left with a smile.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A beautiful mess

Summer holidays is ending today. To be exact, a few hours time I will be embracing my first Investment and Portfolio Management lecture for the year, which i suspect is going to be a toughie, which also reminds me of how Allocate Monash screwed up my timetable, leaving me with no off days. ): Part of the sacrifices for studies I'm willing to put in for this year.

Just that day I was blog hopping and came across Project365, which I find very interesting idea to help keep track of our daily lives, serving as a memory keeper, especially for people like me who constantly forget little details. I made a mental note to start it soon, if uni workload doesn't rob all my precious time away. Anyway, here's updates in numerical order (not according to date) to show you Polaroids of my summer holidays, and for me to reminisce in the years to come.

#1 My very first karaoke session.
Boyband, Ol' skool, Chinese.
The way we rock, releasing stress after our last paper.
♥Wang Lee Hom! (:

#2 Rock Climbing session.

#3 Ballerina wannabe.
The grace, and pretty ballet flats. *Sigh*

#4 Project Painting 101.
Major change from emo bimbo blue to pretty pastel pink.

#5 Langkawi '08

#6 Dome, Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Juey!! *Hearts*

#7 Rose in a vase.
Right now it's crisp dry.

#8 The garden cafe@One U.

#9 Budweiser. King of Beers.
Apparently, very smooth.
Very much to my liking. (:

#10 Putrajaya. Feb '09.
Probably the most scenic area in KL.
Pretty pretty.

#11 Playing Ticket to Ride@Mage cafe.
Where we alter rules just so some people could win.

#12 Subway with Terence.
Before he left for Australia.
"I make one eye big one eye small ok?"
"ok! ;p"

#13 Ikea Meatball leftovers.
We love doodling. (:

#14 Manda's 20th birthday.
Formal wear.

#15 On top of Kellie's Castle.
Reminiscing, enjoying the view.

#16 & because I have the skills to take pictures like this.

#17 Fresh picture. (: Just few days old.

#18 Korean BBQ with Mufians.

#19 Mango Pulut with z, who absolutely love this dish.

#20 Toffee Nut Frappuccino, Grande. (:
My favourite beverage for Starbucks.

#21 Korean BBQ no.2
Labeled "Mincemeatmaker"

#22 And yes, remember I said I wanted to be swept away.
Here it is, swept away.

#23 Lookout point.
Just for the breeze, and night lights.
Random, yes.

#24 "Self timer shot ok? Go sit." Fumbles camera on tv set.
10,9,8.... 3,2,1 click!
So bimbo, so many ppl staring.

#25 Big bully trying to snatch guitar hero from small girl.

Good stuff! (: (: (:

#27 Mahjong. Chi sek wu pong.
I likey. (:
But apparently I suck at it.

#28 Bestie! (:

It's raining, and the bed is calling out to me.
Goodnight peeps!