Saturday, March 14, 2009

White Valentine's Day

Monash Olympics day
Helium balloons in the air.
(: (: (:

I've finally gotten my baby.
"...oh the wait was so worth it.."
Canon G10
Nope, the pictures above aren't from the new baby.
Soon enough, when I sort out my busy workload.

Done procrastinating, heh, back to work.


WenY said...

:) UH-OH! Someone's got her baby shooter! G10 waa!! nice nice. Lets see who shoots better pictures now haha!

roz* said...

Haha, I'm still learning. (:
Still need to learn how to meddle with the buttons. Tsk, can offer tipsssss.. (:

WenY said...

use manual. Auto the brain kinda suck!!

roz* said...

LOL, yes I kinda agree with you. The way they focus quite dumb. (:

Anyway,can't believe I was that noob! Haaha.