Sunday, March 1, 2009

A beautiful mess

Summer holidays is ending today. To be exact, a few hours time I will be embracing my first Investment and Portfolio Management lecture for the year, which i suspect is going to be a toughie, which also reminds me of how Allocate Monash screwed up my timetable, leaving me with no off days. ): Part of the sacrifices for studies I'm willing to put in for this year.

Just that day I was blog hopping and came across Project365, which I find very interesting idea to help keep track of our daily lives, serving as a memory keeper, especially for people like me who constantly forget little details. I made a mental note to start it soon, if uni workload doesn't rob all my precious time away. Anyway, here's updates in numerical order (not according to date) to show you Polaroids of my summer holidays, and for me to reminisce in the years to come.

#1 My very first karaoke session.
Boyband, Ol' skool, Chinese.
The way we rock, releasing stress after our last paper.
♥Wang Lee Hom! (:

#2 Rock Climbing session.

#3 Ballerina wannabe.
The grace, and pretty ballet flats. *Sigh*

#4 Project Painting 101.
Major change from emo bimbo blue to pretty pastel pink.

#5 Langkawi '08

#6 Dome, Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Juey!! *Hearts*

#7 Rose in a vase.
Right now it's crisp dry.

#8 The garden cafe@One U.

#9 Budweiser. King of Beers.
Apparently, very smooth.
Very much to my liking. (:

#10 Putrajaya. Feb '09.
Probably the most scenic area in KL.
Pretty pretty.

#11 Playing Ticket to Ride@Mage cafe.
Where we alter rules just so some people could win.

#12 Subway with Terence.
Before he left for Australia.
"I make one eye big one eye small ok?"
"ok! ;p"

#13 Ikea Meatball leftovers.
We love doodling. (:

#14 Manda's 20th birthday.
Formal wear.

#15 On top of Kellie's Castle.
Reminiscing, enjoying the view.

#16 & because I have the skills to take pictures like this.

#17 Fresh picture. (: Just few days old.

#18 Korean BBQ with Mufians.

#19 Mango Pulut with z, who absolutely love this dish.

#20 Toffee Nut Frappuccino, Grande. (:
My favourite beverage for Starbucks.

#21 Korean BBQ no.2
Labeled "Mincemeatmaker"

#22 And yes, remember I said I wanted to be swept away.
Here it is, swept away.

#23 Lookout point.
Just for the breeze, and night lights.
Random, yes.

#24 "Self timer shot ok? Go sit." Fumbles camera on tv set.
10,9,8.... 3,2,1 click!
So bimbo, so many ppl staring.

#25 Big bully trying to snatch guitar hero from small girl.

Good stuff! (: (: (:

#27 Mahjong. Chi sek wu pong.
I likey. (:
But apparently I suck at it.

#28 Bestie! (:

It's raining, and the bed is calling out to me.
Goodnight peeps!



jia said...

glad you had tons of fun..

roz* said...

(; Hugs.
Miss you lots!