Sunday, July 18, 2010

before the memories start fading..

"In New York, concrete jungle where things are made of..." every time i hear that song my lips unknowingly form the words in accordance to the song. i guess, in various aspects, i miss US. it wasn't cotton candy land, where everything is puffy and sweet, but i had the liberty i always wanted, the opportunity to see the moon from the other side of the world, and perhaps most of it all, a small escapade from reality.

It's been two months, vivid memories of exploring new york flashes by once in a while, but i'm afraid one day it'll be blurry with missing details.. thus the post. scribbling the very best of new york in point form, with selected pictures out of the thousands sitting in my hard drive::-

#1 the gushing feeling stirred standing in the middle of times square with various animated neon lights brightly lit everywhere at the junction of Broadway and 7th Av. it is so ever lively, tourists spotted from all around the world holding cameras clicking away trying to capture themselves at times square, little booths selling I ♥ NY shirts and Sabrett can be spotted at every corner, couples meeting up at cafes having a good time with coffee and pastries, children bugging parents to buy all the toys they ever wished for from the largest Toys'R'us, NYPD with their horses/cute mini vehicles scattered everywhere, tourists walking out from M&M's/Hershey's world with bags of overpriced chocolates, broadway enthusiast queuing in line to get cheap broadway tickets at tkts, and if you're lucky enough you can spot the Naked Cowboy/Cowgirl... in simpler words, i love how walking in times square made me feel.

#2 skyline view of Manhattan at night from the 86th floor of the Empire State building. Very breathtaking indeed, if it wasn't for the unbearable cold at such a high altitude, i would have stayed there for a very long time, wishing upon a star.

#3 took a long stroll across Brooklyn bridge with a caramel frappe in hand. too bad the picture isn't symmetrical enough for my liking although it's the best out of the lot, le sigh.

#4 so before departing to the US I was talking to this friend of mine after watching My Sassy Girl to plant a time capsule in Central Park. i would have done it if i had tools with me. anyway, first picture above was taken was at the Mall, where movie scenes are always filmed. second picture depicts a happy me after spotting John Lennon's imagine memorial in the middle of Strawberry Park.

#5 holding the city pass and doing the tourist must-do checklist: visiting the statue of liberty and battery park. perfect place to see NYC from a distance though. if it was night the night lights would have been so pretty.

#6 we went on a museum streak of visiting all the museums on Museum Mile/5th Av. Fooled around in most of the museums for entertainment's sake because dinosaur artifacts and history isn't our kind of thing, above being the classic example.

#7 halal food at 3 in the morning after spending the night dancing away in the city that never sleeps, and on another occasion a house party with beer pong and cards with beer overdose. I officially suck in the american classic game of beer pong. and halal with extra white sauce is the best food to have in the early morning... speaking of which, I kinda miss it now.

#8 sitting outside Gershwin theatre waiting for lucky lottery winners to be announced, but we weren't lucky enough. ); the first thing i'm going to do if i head back to NY again is to watch Wicked, with or without lottery.

#9 Phantom of the Opera Broadway!!
I've waited since forever! and it was phenomenal, as the sign says, it was made better when we got center orchestra seats at a reduced price. the musical pieces were stuck in my head for a good one month.

#10 sneak peek of the infamous chandelier.
A little on the broadway streak we also watched Next to Normal when four of us got lottery tickets! Sigh still can't get over how cute one of the actor, Kyle Dean Massey is.

#11 Korean food @ Korean Street. Speaking of which, I have cravings for those beef!!
Anyone with me this coming weekend?

#12 Grand Central.

#13 Avocado with salmon and tempura. Awesome stuff.
Had sushi twice in New York, weird but we were very much sick of cheeseburgers and fries.

#14 More museum visits. Guggenheim, if correctly recalled, was one of James Bond's shooting scene. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, earth to earth. Loads and loads of paintings. I tried to appreciate! :p

#15 on 86th St. Waiting to go uptown.

#16 Mojito!! I love how the States have bottled up mixed drinks.
Lemonade, Mojito, Smirnoff... i love them all.

#17 you know you're in Times Square when you see more yellow cabs in comparison with cars on the street.

#18 We stepped foot on Theodore Roosevelt Park too!
and took our infamous feet shot.

#19 Starbucks love. We had it every other day.
It's only proper to have Starbucks in New York.
Esp when Frappes are half off. (:

#20 the museum of natural history.
things to do: act like a dinosaur beside one.
ok fine i'll definitely be more amused if i was 10 years younger.

#21 but I guess it was worth a visit. to know what's actually inside.

#22 and do stupid things like this when you see: semai of Malaysia.
i still don't get what semai means.

#23 Woodside Av, our place of stay for 8 days.

#24 LOVE. we randomly walked into it.
Such joy. I loved, still loving and will never give up on love. (:

#25 Subway. it was pretty much freezing half the time we were in NYC so scrambling down underground was nice to get some warmth. (:

#26 the NYPDs.

#27 ok last picture of museumss.

#28 play it well, and i'll fall head over heels.

#29 Rockefeller Center.
Too crowded, but pretty.
Too bad it wasn't Christmas, if not the Christmas tree would be standing high over here.

#30 last dinner in NY at Serendipity 3, upper east side. It has one of the coziest interior ever, and an array of good deserts, but their Frozen Hot Chocolate is the best ever chocolate drink i've tasted. So smooth, with flakes and fresh cream, it was love at first sight.

... and i can remember the night where we took the subway all the way to Flushing for good ol' Pho, shopping on Soho streets... so this was my New York experience. so, who'd like to join me in my Eurotrip next year?

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