Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Urbanscapes '12

Last weekend was jam packed with stuff. YCMS on Saturday morning, and it was Urbanscapes all night. followed by church, Body Step then Urbanscapes. As tiring as it may sound, it was so much fun!! Urbanscapes was such a muddy affair, but it was also an array of colorful creativity splattered around a field, funky dressing, hippy music and good shopping!  

happily buying Sigur Rós official t-shirt. 

straight away proceed to Bee Garden for chilled can beers + finger food. mMm. 

DJ Goldilocks was rocking it when we sipped our beer.

love the creativity and effort all Urbanscapes vendors put in to decorate their booth. bas sekolah selling burgers, colorful umbrellas etc. so trippy!

at dusk. extremely muddy muddy field.


Z + YB.

macaroons and nutella chocolate chip cookie. yummy stuffff.

Urbanscapes, at night.

tryna' win some loafers.

Yuna sang so well! Love her crisp, beautiful voice. got my heart fluttered.

2nd day at Urbanscapes! Brought a bagful of happy stuff. 


the "to me love is..." black box.
so many cute quirky ways of describing love.

he wrote: "to me love is.. all you need."

on the other hand, all i wrote was "♪"

the last polka! was craving for cola cherry potong instead. 

says.com! thanks to them we had our umbrellas which came in handy when it started pouring late evening.

Levi's Go Forth was there too. and this was some colorful backdrop painted by some artsy peeps.

the most anticipated moment for Z. thanks to Urbanscapes, Z managed to tick off one of his bucket list item: to watch Sigur Ros live with loved one. ((((((: 

Jonsi singing is mezmerizing.

amazing amazing sounds. fancy playing an electric guitar with a violin bow.


we also won a pair of AA tics to Krabi! all we did was build this sandcastle and instagram it. yay! looking forward to a beach escapade soon!! (;

here's to more first with you.

came home from Urbanscapes with mud filled shoes, tired sore feet, colorful funky pictures... and a contented smile. Yes, I think I'm starting to find my life fulfilling.

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