Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fiji, my family's 'Hachiko'

born a champion breed, he was a rare tri-colored Shih Tzu, paired with adorable big eyes, pinkest tongue and the picture perfect puppy face that would melt a million hearts. 

he was with us for 9 years, and we watched him grow from an awkward somewhat ugly dog into what I would deem as the most handsome dog. i wanted to write a post dedicated to him since ages, but through the numbness of my heart, it was tough to gather all the various flashbacks of memories into a decent post, or simply, i wasn't ready to accept the fact. today, on a rainy evening, he floods my mind. 

you know the saying goes: "dogs are a man's best friend"? it is such a true saying, and i'm sure all passionate dog owners would agree wholeheartedly. Fiji brought endless joy to the Koo family. he used to rush to the door once door bell rings to welcome us back. sing at the top of his lungs to our piano playing, and would end up barking frantically when we try to outshine his singing. when he was younger, we used to play hide and seek with him, and he would spend a lot of time trying to find us, but he got smarter over the years and got bored. when we sang in a very high pitch tone, he would tilt his head and give us a very puzzled look, and we would laugh at his innocence. and there are times when i feel down and depressed, i would instantaneously feel better just holding him in my arms and hugging him tight. he would do all possible stunts he's ever learned just to get the biscuit from our hands. 

of course he wasn't all charming and dandy. scared as hell of thunder and rain, he would wake the whole house up in the middle of the night scratching all the room doors. hide under the bed when it's time for his shower. refuse to eat his 'spensive dog food but would gobble down his inexpensive favorite food consisting of white rice and sweet potato (heck, he even likes durian). when he's upset about us leaving him home alone, a mess is expected as a greeting upon reaching home. speak about being revengeful much. but he would knowingly show his innocent i-beg-for-forgiveness face when he knows he's in the wrong, and c'mon, no one has the heart to stay angry with him for long. 

his soft spot as one of his dominant character is one that i find very humbling. once we adopted a scrawny little kitten from a storm, and placed the kitten in our house for the night. he went ecstatic whenever the kitten meowed, searching high and low for the kitten. he's also a dog that gets along well with strangers, very willing to let others pet him and spoil him. he was... so many things I could remember. he was our charming furry little dog. 

in the summer of 2012, he has gone to be with the Lord on a rainy morning.

9 amazing years, he gave to us. his silly antics has brought so much light into our lives, and unknowingly he has blessed so many others. Although he is no longer physically here, he lives in my heart, our family's heart forever.

thank you Fiji, for being a part of my life. 
it has been an incredible chapter with you around. 
you will forever be etched in my heart.

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