Monday, November 4, 2013

Getaway @ Awanmulan

People often quipped that city people are busy people, with minimal time to spare. Born and raised in a city, I have unknowingly picked up the traits of a so called "city" person. Always having something on the to-do list, always too occupied. On rare occasions, I remind myself that it is essential to schedule ME-time to reflect, to ponder, and to plan. 

Today, I finally had some "me" time. Not intentionally scheduled, but definitely much needed. Had my glorious 8 hour rest - scrolled through pictures left in a folder named "to be sorted" for way too long, reminisce about the good memories captured on pictures - caught up on the latest episodes of Suits - read through some thought provoking articles that got me thinking - and most importantly, reflected on my priorities of late.

Time really flew by way too swiftly this year. One of my goals this year is to write more, in order to trigger my memory (be it good or bad) in future for reflection purposes. My effort to date is totally meh, so my new challenge is to improve the statistics before the year ends. Since inspiration and motivation striked the same note today, gonna write about the wonderful stay I had in Awanmulan on Merdeka's weekend. 

Was so caught up with work the last couple of months both Z and I were worn out, literally. After much persistence from my end, we were up, up and away to Awanmulan for a short weekend getaway! 

We stayed at Evensong, which has a pleasant jungle view. The room came with a spacious wood deck balcony, where we could just take in the sun while sipping our tea / read / breath in the jungle air / enjoy the scenery. Supposedly this room has the perfect sunset view granted good weather conditions. No sunset for us given that it rained heavily, but I actually enjoyed the rain tremendously. 

Gawd it was such an awesome getaway. 

Both of us were silly enough to actually lugged our heavy work laptops there, thinking we could get some work done in between relaxation time.. but decided otherwise once we were there. 
Awanmulan is a place for total rejuvenation. 

We cooked, swam, ate, lounge, read, laze and did all things stress-free. 

Kudos to Uncle Teng and family for creating such an cool breakaway space for city folks!