Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the endurance race

cpa papers.
personal goals.

in no particular order.


uh oh.
one too many commitments?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happiness is a feeling

Having so used to being driven around, it sure feels good reigniting the thrill of having my hands on the wheel during late nights speeding my way home. Maybe it's the solitary time for self reflection, or maybe it's having the power in your hands, or simply just because I wildly love doing things to the extreme, well, sometimes. :p

So it's currently 2am, on a mid week, with work the next day, and here I am swiping the dust of this almost forgotten memory keeper of mine. I'm pretty contented with life today, although I may beg to differ in just a matter of minutes. Feelings are such uncontrollable items I sometimes wish I can be an ignorant blissful naive girl.

But such is life, and life is such. The more you know, the less you understand. Life complicates itself, and it's up to oneself to actually untangle the knots one has entangle themselves into. Constant reminders to always have a little fun along the way... and do what you love.

Speaking of which, here's a peak of my to-do's of 2011 and you can feel free to join my happy lil' journey just holler up! (;

1. Photoshoots, theme 1: Bubbles, Greens, and Laughters! (JU!)
2. KL Marathon, I'm darn serious this time around. 10km, anyone wants to join/train with me?
3. Master at least one ballroom dance.

... and i shall jinx myself to retain that happiness feeling in me as long as I can. I heard that happiness is a disease, and it can spread, so I'm spreading some of my happiness to you today! Go buy yourself a treat after this and have a great week ahead!! (I'm already badly looking forward to the weekends!!)

xoxo, a big hug to all of you out there who needs one just as bad as i do! <3