Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Take me on a trip I'd like to go somewhere!!

Three individuals.
How they met was random.
But how they bond, amazing.
Till now I'm in awe how MUCH we could click.
Thanks, for being such awesome friends!! (:


I'm back from my crazy road trip, with a crisp brown tan which might peel if not moisturised, and loads of memories alongside tighter bonds formed. It's currently down to the last week of summer holidays, and I'm holding on to every fragment of it, packing in more plans than I can handle. I admit though, that this summer made me slack a whole lot from responsibilities, like how I should be drafting up my clothesville accounts for january, but ended up blogging my thoughts away, and how I should build up the body stamina for the upcoming kk trip, but rather piling up those pounds and sleeping at insane time.

But apart from not living a perfectionist's life, I've managed to soak myself in a very relaxed, mindless holiday spending it with loved ones. Take for example the trip I just got back from, it really cleared my mind, and filled my heart. Sometimes all you need is friends around you. (: Today's crazy sing aloud karaoke (my second time in my entire life!) clearly did much more than shouting my mind out, now I have to endure the after effects of a hurting throat.

Of many firsts in life, which I will slowly compile and share here someday, soon enough, I hope.

Boy, two posts in two days. (: I'm back in the blogging scene. Hello there!

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