Sunday, January 23, 2011

ok, i admit

... i'm not made for the kitchen.

could not possibly imagine how cooking a simple mac and cheese dinner dish can turn into blunders of mishap. Mr milk went spilling all over the floor thinking it's fun, and Mr. Fire decided to go all out to take revenge on my brunch, darkening part of my pot i'm now dreading to clean. Great, just great. Lost my appetite, and now I'm munching on undercooked Spongebob and Co. pasta drenched in cheese paste which I think is a shade too dark for my liking.

I have two more packets. anyone interested in biting off miniature Spongebobs and Toy Story characters??


Anonymous said...

MEEEEEEEEE!!!!! -ju-

roz* said...

lols come take.
i have two more packets.