Friday, October 31, 2008

Oreo chocolate chip ice cream please?

Occasionally I forgotten the taste of a genuine smile, of how laughing from the heart means. It's been awfully cold these days, especially when so many hours of my life is spent in the university's study rooms. Sigh. Maybe a breather, some fresh air in my current stale life will do good. I don't feel comfortable in my usual comfort zone anymore, and exam stress is taking a toil on me, especially when financial management paper was so crappy.

Today marks one of those sappy days where I can maybe relate to people who are mourning. Currently I feel like a crumpled tissue, used and disposed, metaphorically speaking. If you ever thought that one person can affect you so much, I assure you it's true. Actions of people whom you care influence you the most, especially when they do not realize, even though they don't mean it. Or maybe I'm just a little bit too sensitive. I'll digest and take it as the part and parcel of life, too much emotional ramblings on a public blog is so not me.

On another note, a brighter note, there are always the silver linings in life that keeps you going. Little gestures, and little things that God provides cause He knows you needed it that bad. Now I feel slightly better, in a way.

Sunset on two different days at two different places in the suburbs of PJ.
Beautiful, yet short lived. Given a chance, I would like to relive my "sunset" moments in life, although it doesn't last very long...

Fun Job
With cotton candy machines, helium balloons, party hats, and loads of present involved. Supposedly "nanny job" gone wrong.

Ice cream Sunday
Laid back Sunday with two girls and Esther.
I'm gonna miss you, Janna. (:
Take care over there alright?

Movies on projector during long study breaks, with latest episodes of gossip girl and heroes.
Extreme Mocha from San Fransisco Coffee as remedy, and motivation.
Red Bull and Brands as stimulators for the late nights, which failed miserably.
Thiam Beng's PSP. Patapon!! (: (: Saved game of 30 hours and counting. Omg.

More Sunsets.

Itchy fingers on window panes.
If you squint a little harder, you can see Patapon drawings! (:

Overnight rushed projects, which turned out good in the end. (:
A procrastinator works best under pressure.

Skytrek obstacle course
I love challenges, one of the more interesting weekends I had.
Drenched wet in the middle of the course, having to swing like Tarzan will be one of those fond memories, those one of a kind experiences in life. (;

Z's 19th
Paddington House Of Pancakes because the boy loves sweet savoury items, and to which he claims he could eat from Paddington's only for the rest of his life.

Treasure Box

Something random I found while browsing through my picture folder.
Silly things we do. Which was bundles of fun.

Alright, should get going reading up company law. Have a great weekend you all! (:
10 more days to my liberty, here I come!

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