Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Through the lens

The cherry of the icing for the holidays was the long awaited trip to Penang. It wasn't the best destination for a holiday getaway, but the people made it such a memorable one, friends who you know will stick by you even if the whole world has their back upon you, which is basically all that mattered. Besides that, it was food haven, where we practically stuff ourselves silly with tons of unhealthy yet delicious hawker food. Most of the photos are already up on facebook for you all to grab, so here's just a snippet of Penang through the lens, my favourite picks out of the bunch.

Cendol, to which Jia Yi hates and calls the green thing "green worm". Tsk tsk, I love mine without kacang, substitute with jagung, which taste really really awesome. We even went back for the second time before we left the food haven. The ones in KL would never give you so much jagung.

Wheee, I like jumping shots! (:
And we took a gazillion billion shots before we got a nice one.
The others were.. only me flying. others on the ground hahahaha.

"Life isn't about the breaths we take,
it's about the moments that take our breath away."
~Simon Natator

Sunsets always reminds me of this quote somehow. Spent almost half an hour waiting under the scorching hot sun (not that I'm complaining, my tan!) with the camera so that I won't miss that moment, and boy, it was so worth every moment. The silhouettes, the arrays of colors, the calm sea. It keeps playing on my mind again and again.

A passion.
Today's cell hit me right at the heart again.
Made me realize how small I am, how unmotivated.

My real horse ride. (:
So satisfying, even though it was merely fifteen minutes, especially when it's extra special.

At the back alley of their very ancient buildings.
I like this shot. Everyone looked so happy.

Fried oyster!! It was one of my top to do list in Penang, and had it for three meals. Glutton indeed. Hohoho, but it was so good, so fresh, so BIG. Those in KL are those scrawny unfreshed ones, or maybe I'm just a lousy food hunter.

View from our room. (:

Presenting to you, Flying Man! And Big Bullies vs Small Boy.
Tsk tsk.
Stupid silly random things done at 0600 hr in the morning.
Only showing two out of the bunch, way too embarassing.

See, we were in our sleeping clothes!
Because smart people like us sleep at dawn, and when it's time for breakfast cannot wake up. Hence, rushing and all we just wore what we slept in.

Oh by the time this shot was taken, we were all very gross looking and half dead already. Smeared eyeliners, and icky sweat. Hehehe, but you know, I still like this picture, the focus so sharp. (: And thank you for coming all the way even though it was only for a day. I appreciate it you know? Really one.

Lights that came back with me. (:
So bedazzling, joyful happy light balls.
I'm super glad with this buy ok, apart from dvds, and my bubble blower!

To sum it all up, it was inexplicably fuuuunnnn. Mainly because there's no one to scold you for doing stupid things, sleeping late till you miss half the good morning aways, being with people you love, (: and yes, we all need to relax once in awhile. Now that I've gain a good few kgs over the years, it's time to lose them, I need to start my Live Life Healthy plan already. Need some implementations, and some discipline.

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