Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't want to talk...

Library inspirations, 15.10.08

... cause it makes me feel sad

A little motivation to boost our determination, a little crazy stunts to keep us alive, some conversations to feel belonged, more inspirations to keep the dreams going, more liquid assets to keep up with cravings in life, music to sing along even though a line of lyrics is all you know, time off to watch some dramas to spice up life, more notes with colorful pens to keep studying interesting, more hours in a day, ice blended jelly pearl tea assorted flavors, and pressure to keep up with schedule. Le sigh, I'm lagging behind, say hi to coffees and red bulls. ): ):


Ju said...

The picture turned out pretty cool after much editing. Lol! Nice. =)

roz* said...

(; Thanks, hehe.
We will take more artsy photos after our exams. Oh dread, exams ): ):

Ann Jill said...

Love your blog, the pictures are awesome possom (: All the best for the exams rosanne! See you soon hopefully!



Anonymous said...

the unwilling model. poor thing

roz* said...

[ann jill]
Hey!!(: All the best to you too! Yea, hope to catch you when you're back for the summer break. Wheeeeee *

Haha, she was willing ok!!! (:
Tsk, don't leave anonymous comments!! Haha.