Monday, December 15, 2008

Words, just a stream of words

Random words. About random things I did. Or went.
I'm overpressing my schedule. It's so jam packed.

Reminder: Slow down, Relax. (:

Lookout Point. Souled Out. Hartamas Square. Shisha. Guitar Hero. Work. A rose. Seoul Garden's Minced Meat Happy Cooking Session. Wee hours Wii. Red Box Gardens crazy Karaoke Session. Movies, ranging from good, mediocre, very bad. Badminton Work outs. Mum's 50th@The Ship. Rock Climbing. More Flowers. Pool. Food Foundry's aglio olio. More work. Mango sticky rice. [Late night Grey's on bed]. Lap Sap Junkyard Sale. Zen's marble cheese cake. Glowing Paris Eiffel Tower. Ikea Meatballs. Everlast Mary Janes. End Year Sales!. Midnight Movie. Foosball. "so I will dance with Cinderella..." ( Can't help it heh). Heartbeat Christmas Musical. Rushed hour shopping. A hug. Home alones. Christmas cards. Sing like nobody's listening. Korean BBQ with the Mufians. Heineken beer camwhore night (:. Stacked up chocolates from countries. Msn emo chats without the barrier of distance. Unread books. Rapunzel long hair is on (: . Bacardi. Over-reloading of phone credit. Mizu Jap dinner with a certain friend. AnW's 21st birthday party invitation card is, so colorful. Nintendo DS. The joy of Mahjong and getting flowers, heheheh.

" Because the truth, the truth freaking hurts..."
Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

I never slept before 2 ever since holidays started. Gargh.
I can't wait till UK ppl get back (: (:
I crave Subway sandwiches.
I also crave Japanese.
I haven't had bubble tea for a long time. Record breaking. -_-'
I need my perfect pair of jeans, and miniskirt.
I have a Christmas wishlist.
I will be away in Langkawi for my hot beach Christmas.
I am extremely random today.
I can't complete proper sentence today.
I like sweaters. Knitted ones. Long ones that hug your hips nicely.
I need a black dress. That piece from Forever21 which I'm so reluctant to barter trade.
I am learning/ memorizing hao xin fen shou so that the next time I step in Red Box I can sing.
I want to be sweep off my feet.
I just realized my 20th is reaching, gosh i feel a little old. Mature.
I want a new anklet. Mine's dying.

I love December. Do you?

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