Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm happy I'm in love with my best friend

Do mood swings happen within a blink of an eye? Is joy and happiness sometimes temporary? I guess discontentment over certain issues can eventually lead to build up frustration over time with added minor hiccups in daily routines. Hiah, I'm literally in a very confused state now, and I choose to not deal with it, hoping the problems in life will evaporate alongside boiled water particles. Perhaps I just have too much thoughts going through me, when I should be ticking off to-do lists instead, which reminds me, a haircut (still contemplating which type, bangs? Short?), a trip to the bank to settle the case of forgotten password hence the inactive atm card, clear up my utterly messy wadrobe... the list never ends does it? At least keeping busy clears the mind.

Also, there are my little goals set for the holidays, e.g. fitness regime which till now has not started!, and oh that day when I was having dinner with the parents they casually told me that they will buy me a DSLR provided one condition, if I wake up one hour earlier for all my activities. I am crossing my fingers that my determination will be strong enough, so my hard earn money can be spend elsewhere. (: (: DSLR here I come!

Will have a long decent update pretty soon. Criminal minds is airing on tv now, that's my cue to go! (:


Ju said...

Nyeh. Life's problems just don't go away by ignoring them hun. Unfortunately, isn't it? But such is life...heh.

Patrick said...

Well, early congratulations to you on the DSLR. Welcome to the family. :) heh

roz* said...

Ju: Yea, such is life. Haha, when's the "dressed to the nine" thing eh? (: (: Wed can?????

Pat: Heheh, Thankssssssssss, but I haven't get it yet, le sigh. Can't wait! haha.