Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simplicity is the key

A friend once told me that.
I'm applying it right now. This instance.
Why complicate life?

#1. I'm a graduate, of Monash University. Thank God!!!
#2. Taro balls from Snowflakes made me a happy girl.
#3. Should stop using the word stupid so often. It's not very pleasant.
#4. Anger management. Sensitivity button. Cut me some slack. Stop judging me.
#5. Christmas is just around the corner. Are you feeling the atmosphere yet? ;p
#6. Declining all part time job offers from today onwards. I need the quality time.
#7. Couples Retreat is quite a mindless humor movie.
#8. My schedule is filling up. Yet I still have important people I need to spend time with. ):
#9. Bring me on a ride. to somewhere unknown. somewhere magical.
#10. I'm breathing, and I've never been more thankful.

Tuning in to bed before 1am. With a book in hand.

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jord said...

bimbo face . .ehe