Tuesday, December 29, 2009


.. marks my bittersweet 21st b'day.

Closure of one important chapter in my life,
embarking on an interesting chapter ahead.


jia said...

happy bday my dear best friend (:
i see you very very soon for lou mai kai k! heeee. love you and will miss you loadddssss ):

Ju said...

Dayuummm. Now I feel like having lou mai kai. Blah.

roz* said...

Jia: Thank you Jia dear!!
I love you toooo!!
Will miss you loads, but look on the bright side for now, our time diff is lesser!!! ;p ;p

Ju: I cook for you ok? haha, you're sleeping right beside me now. I'm pretty tempted to give in to rest. My body's so tired. ):