Thursday, November 5, 2009

you could say I'm a dreamer.

Kinz' old school camera, trying out vintage photoshopping

Lately the blog has been filled with too many emo posts, though I'd much prefer to call them thoughts and revelations (HAHA). it's ok, for now I barely have the time to think, given all my attention thrown to books, although some may beg to differ, with the tap tap and pigging out sessions. ;p I'm just officially stuck in the last cycle of finals season, and getting into routine is quite a bore at times. Just 8 more days to freedom. 8 more days. 8 more days and I'm done with uni, for good.

God has been awesome, as He always is. I twitted this awhile ago, but yea God's angelic protection was with us, resulting in a failed attempt of a robbery aimed at our house, except a broken grill. That's number 1. Number 2, I went for my visa interview with Ju just a couple of days ago, and it went so smooth, getting a good parking, a good interviewer, and getting there on time (click on Ju's link for a more detailed post in regards to the interview). We friggin' passed our interviews!! Number 3, PWC called me today, and said they're going to KIV my application, upon returning from US, all I need to do is contact them. Seriously, God's grace succumbs all, creates miracles. (:

One more thing, treasury paper went well, with the amount of tips he gave. That's one down, three to go. Now I need more grace than ever. Accounting theory and audit, please be friends with me?

Ok, short filler post ends here. Off to bed, 2am, new record. I hope I can doze off, seriously, need to fix my sleeping time so bad.


An Oddly Funny Person said...

OOOooOOoO u are going to the US??? what for what for! :D so exciting!! which part of the US???

roz* said...

(: work and travel. heh. going to florida! can't stand winter brr. ;p