Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finding comfort in a foreign country

I miss my piano, the black and white keys my fingers used to run along every alternate day. Even though those fingers aren't the most agile ones, they look pretty great together, good enough. Although now if they were to reunite I'm quite certain it might not blend in as well as it used to. Not till they find more time together. The question is.. will they find time? Or will they just let time fade the special bond they once use to have. No one knows. No one will find out, not just yet. Only time will tell..

Been meaning to update this space here since ages ago. Like how I meant to update my thoughts on bidding farewell to Bonita Springs, my experiences in the USA, happy thoughts, travelogues... but I've been procrastinating aside being busy. In short, I think I've grown alot these past few months being here, mental wise. Being a bachelorette can be tons of fun, but with freedom comes responsibilities. For now I'm ready to be pampered again. I miss getting pampered. At the very least we're getting pampered by Ju's aunt now, who's been so hospitable towards us. For once in the US this is the closest we're getting to taste that bit of homeliness. Seeing the day we arrived the temperature in Maryland was freezing, being welcomed by a brimming hot bowl of home cooked Penang Hokkien Mee after a crazy flight was one of the best thing anyone could ask for. :p

Anyway, if all goes according to plan, tmr we'll be going for a massage session (I'm so looking forward to it!) followed by breakfast at the Dutch market, mmm I can already imagine that beef with cheese wrap in a pretzel (Ju's craving for three days in a row). :p That said, we might even be heading down to the outlet malls to do some decent shopping since DC has one of the lowest tax rates compared to the other states we're visiting. I am pretty pumped up for tomorrow's plans, albeit the body is a lil' bit reluctant cuz it's defense mechanism is slowly falling apart at the moment.

Tata for now. I need to do some justice to my body.

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