Monday, October 18, 2010

isn't it way too hot?

Ever since I've been exposed to the wonders of exploring the world bit by bit, my hunger for traveling has always stuck by me. So whenever anyone suggests a trip to wherever, i'll jump to it. Three days away from the city, with Monopoly deal and pictionary in hand, a bottle of Vodka, and good company was a breakaway from the standard working days.

Our checklists for Malacca!! (;

1. Satay celup (checked!)

2. Cendol Melaka (checked!!)

3. Chicken rice ballssss, with awesome chicken and assam fish!
(checked checked checked!!!)

4. Malacca River.

5. A lil' comical but it's my first time in Jonker St. in my whole entire life.
and to sum it up, it's nothing fantastic, really.

of course we had to missed out nyonya food and the oh-so-famous crepe shop, oh well, more reasons to make another trip there.
and thank you peeps, for being so accommodating.
I will, be more aware the next time around, on controlling emotions. (:

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