Friday, January 16, 2009

2008, was fantabulous. In short, it was a year of experiences, an eye opening year. Of bidding painful goodbyes to two friends who are very dear to me, taking the risks to start an online business, build new friendships, catching glimpses about the hooks and crooks of working life, growing out of the teenage years, finding out that there are so many grey areas in life, and so many questions have indefinite answers... I learned a lot on coping last year, coping on feeling alone in the world albeit having so many people around you, you know, like the phrase "lost in the crowd". Is it just me? Or does growing older makes you feel like that?

So I've decided, 2009, is going to be fruitful. I've spread myself too thinly over 2008, so this year, I'll aim to focus on the main important things in life, mainly my university's work, final year *groans*. Also, putting in a little more effort in caring for others, and drafting things to do before I hit 21, which leaves me only twelve more months. Also to instill discipline. Discipline. Discipline.

I'll be updating on the bits and pieces of my current summer holidays very soon, on Langkawi, Christmas, my 20th bday, and all other important dates. Currently, I'll stick to my book on bed, with green tea. It's been long since I get a day off to stay in at home to relax like that, and I am, appreciating it while I can.

Currently: Check yes Juliet- We the kings

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