Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cherry blossoms

Spur of a moment blogging. (:

Reason being there's a cny dinner at my house tonight, and both mum and sis are preparing food at the kitchen. I wanted to help. But within minutes I'm already shoo-ed out. ):

Updates: My cousies are already here. I should go entertain guests, yes?

Meanwhile, Langkawi visuals to cure boredom. And maybe relive this blog a lil' bit. (:

Carolling with an ol' family friend's church

Iced Latte.
Very uniquely brewed, pouring hot steamed milk over ice cube latte.
I liked it very much. (;

Alright I really got to go. (:
Happy CNY all!
Better posts to come up soon! (:

1 comment:

jia said...

hi dear.
i miss you.