Friday, September 11, 2009

never revealing their depths

"Honey Star"

I've been meaning to update a proper post since ages ago, the many unfinished posts ending up in drafts, to which excuses after excuses were given, but honestly it's just sentences of words I cannot find the courage to blurt out. Having a private journal allows me to write the most personal thing without worrying about consequences, leaving this blog with vague, one line updates. But I have come to terms that running away is not going to bring me to greater heights in life.

This two weeks marks one of the craziest period in my life. I wish I could jot it all down here, but yea, filtering because it's an open blog, and the web's a crazy lil' place. I'm slowly digesting the little bits of all, and trying to realign to transitions and all. Definitely, maybe, indeed.

Officially spent the whole day just chilling at home, web browsing, clearing the bag from mission trip that I left untouched since Monday, catch up on moonlight resonance episodes, and finally found time to slap on some mask to rejuvenate the poor face. I foresee starting next week assignment will take hold of my life. Sigh, five more weeks to go, and I'll be done with uni, and slap with finals. At the meantime, I'm taking things one thing at a time, and still living life to the fullest, because hey, I'm still young. (:

People have been telling me that I take pictures and just keep the pictures without sharing them, so here's a selection of pictures, of interesting things that I've yet to broadcast to the world.

MSLS '09
Drew was casually mentioning about this event, I went with the thought of boosting my resume, and perhaps to have some eye opening experience. Ended up soaking up much of political stands and whatnots. Pretty interesting I would say.

Fiji my love
His absolutely blur adorable look, tak layan my camera boohoo.

TIS event
with Esther. (:
Thanks for the invite, I had fun, bonding with you.

Bertie the Beetle
Chocolate caramel crunch for burning the midnight oil. There was Mcd's Choco Top as well.

Meeting up with Lynn
The bestie, the SIA air stewardess. and putting her 21st b'day present to good use. When I was over at her place she was showing me her stash of Polaroid shots from around the world. Good memory keepers.

SkyTrex Extreme Challenge
So we finally pulled of our first outdoor activity successfully. It was bundles of fun although initially the pulling yourself up 22m was a killer, really. Flying fox is such a breeze, while the obstacles totally drained us. It's worth the money though, do try it out at least once!

Off to bed, to escape the crazy splashes of events for a little while.
Have a great weekend!

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