Thursday, September 24, 2009

pointless rants

Down to my final assignment for this semester, or rather the 'last' assignment for uni life. My body is reluctant to cooperate with the brain to finish this finance paper asap, taking a little break to breathe. Feeling a little surreal typing this out, but yea, time is moving at a frantic pace it's tough to grasp hold of fleeting moments that are dear to me. One blink of an eye and I'll be closing another meaningful chapter in my life, speaking of growing up and turning 21. This week marks one of the craziest hectic week ever, with two heavy assignments due, a part time job, meet ups, reports, practices for the anniversary, a ball to go, and loads of last minute shopping for ball. I've barely tick off half the lists that is due tomorrow, leaving me with 90% of assignment to go, scratch that, make it 100%, a dress which hasn't been collected, no clutch and no heels, no hair do appointment, incomplete make up, geez, I'm pretty much a hero. I really am looking forward to next week, for a decent one week mid semester break, and a breakaway to Lang Tengah to clear my mind of city stress.

Shall we pray that I will finish the assignment on time, get the altered dress on time which will fit well, and tick of my crazy impossible to do list, all in 24 hours, with adequate 8 hour sleep. mMm, that sounds, just great.

ok. full stop. rant over.