Monday, October 12, 2009

finding myself, and finding you.

Monash Ball '09
revelations. i liked my hair on that day, courtesy of Joanna.
amazed at my ability to tick of tasks in impossible time.
badly in dire need of photoshop.
swallowed a crazy amount of pink pills and kopiko sweet today.
sipping up tea. bubble tea. coffee. caffeine is my best friend.
lil things that touched my heart. made me smile.
i'm not sure of the ending anymore.
can i continue writing the book, and never end it?


jord said...

hit my head? I pinch your face, wakakaka.
u looks pretty in tat pic, see taylorswift,youbelongswithme video clip. kinda similiar, hehe, dun get action ya =D
call me ~~~~~~~

An Oddly Funny Person said...

hello woman :P looking good in ur monash ball pictures!! and i change my blog link already if u dint know that :P HEHEHEH so just add from there ok??? :)

still looking good u! and stop with the procrastination!

eunice :)

roz* said...

jord: tsk. (: thank youuuuu.

eunice: you're an oddly funny person. haha. linked you already. thank you for the compliment, though now pimples are sprouting with regards from endless readings.

how is you? i saw your bungy jumping video you crazy woman. (:

An Oddly Funny Person said...

hehe i am good! and i know u want to try it too woman, it's really the most exhilarating feeling ever i promise :P hehehe! all the best for exams okay? u will do fine, next thing u know, u will be one of those people wearing their mortarboard already!

roz* said...

Eunice: I know right. You're graduating also right? (: Heh, I will try it one fine day, more thrilled to try out sky diving though.

All the best for your exams too!!!
Coming back home end of the year?