Saturday, October 24, 2009

Here comes the sun, sea, and sand! (:

Lang Tengah, in short, consisted of good beach, good food, good company, and plenty of relaxation and tanning. I call it one of the last trips before graduating from university, a little bit more memories plus pictures to add in the memory keeper's university's folder. incidences like spending a little too much time in the airport's mcd resulting in us running like we've never ran through countless terminals to catch our plane just in time; late night charades with chips and coffee, and alot of laughters in between ahem cue shrek, the orphan, alvin and the chipmunks.. having chauffeured around Terengganu town on the last day in a private bus, oh we were so blessed... honestly, I think I valued the company more than anything else. (:

"ok now do fly shot!"

loved the beach.

"emo shot"
haha, I thank God for Ju, my only SS friend.
tsk everyone else don't layan the camera one.

essentials. which weren't really essentials at the very end.

A toast, to a great semester together, and for more memories to come. (:

clearly, I'm distracted from studies. for tonight at least.

Here's a sneak video of us playing charades.
It's one of the funnier ones, if you can catch it.
Guess the movie, and post a comment.

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Ju said...

President of SS of course must "ss"!

I lead by example! ;)