Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cómo estás?

Maya on Lincoln Rd, decorated to usher in the new year.

How has 2010 fared so far? For me it's a mixed of changes in environment, much more responsibilities, or put it in a simpler way, different challenges in life. Florida has been pretty welcoming, albeit the unforgiving cold weather, people here are very nice and very friendly in general. I'm also learning up basic Spanish since everyone here speaks Spanish, hence the title. In translation it means: how are you?

I've been working for close to a week by now, and yes, work has been draining, especially when you're living a bachelor's life. Household chores, meals, bills... so much to handle. But all's in good hands for now, just that I have a tad bit lesser time to spend idling on the net. Off days are exploring days, which meant visiting the crooks and nooks of the small town I'm living in. Thank God the weather was good today, Ju and I headed to the beach with our bikes. It was around 40 minutes ride, 4.5 miles away, with beautiful landscaping along the way. I could use a five month break away from the hustle bustle of the city, and enjoy living just 1o minutes drive away from the beach, and wake up to a quaint little town, nope, not that bored just yet. (:

We managed to spend New Year's Eve counting down on South Beach of Miami, besides walking around Sawgrass Mills Mall and Adventura Mall. Miami is so full of life, and the fireworks display when the clock struck twelve was breathtakingly beautiful I wish I could share it with all. I'm pretty drained at the moment, after biking 9 miles to the beach, but before I go here's some pictures during our stay in Miami.

#1 Plane food actually taste quite good. Ju was just telling me a minute ago that she's already looking forward to our trip home just for the food. -_-' Ok, I do miss plane food and M'sian food a bit already, especially Village Park's awesome fried chicken nasi lemak and bubble tea.

#2 Major spam of apple and orange juice in the airplane. Luckily we were sitting at the very last row where the air steward was just a seat away. Much easier to grab drinks. Our 13 hours flight has no personal screen can you believe it we spend most of the time sleeping and writing. Rar, still very not happy with the fact we don't have movies to entertain us.

#3 We missed our connecting flight from Detroit to Miami because of technical screw ups in our flight arrangements, and were put on the next flight delaying our arrival time by 5 hours. Detroit airport was freezing cold, we settled in Starbucks and slept off to past time. Just beside our sofas are these pebbles, to which anyone can scribble anything they feel like. Obviously we had to do one, but I misspelled Detroit, le sigh.


#5 Walkalators, and getting use to standing on the right instead of the left.

#6 Pretty fountain in the middle of the airport. The airport is so big there's a train inside the airport just to transport people between transits.

#7 Before Detroit we had a short transit in Tokyo, Japan. I can now tell people I've been to Japan ... 's airport. Sigh, so tempted to walk out and explore Japan.

#8 This is Zong Liang, also known as John. (: He is so hospitable, giving us a nice cozy room to stay, driving us around town and from the airport, providing us an IDD card to call our parents, bus cards to travel around, and temaning us window shopping. Thanks loads John!! Waiting for your arrival in Naples, and we'll head to Tampa ok?

#9 Wannado City, part of Sawgrass Mills Mall. That place is a shopping haven, with so many factory outlets and whatnots. So tempted to start splurging on those Coach bags, Forever 21 goodies.. but self control. ;p New York will have better outlets.

#10 We're 7 feet tall with extremely long legs! (:

#11 So instead of splurging on items, we bought food. We found the Cheesecake Factory! and just couldn't resist not walking out with a slice of cake at least. Tried their 30th Anniversary Choc and Cheesecake, and boy it tasted so awesomely good. Accompanying the cake slice was a whole chunk of fresh whipped cream, which I don't take, and Ju was happily enjoying every bit of it. We didn't finish the cake though, and ended up throwing a quarter of it away. What a waste. );

#12 Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING we had that day revolves around CHEESE. Tell me how am I supposed to come back looking the same. Ugh. Taco Bell! So sinfully good. Ok, I'm a cheese lover so honestly I love the food here. Even the pastries in the supermarket I'm working in now looks tempting. Apple puff pastries drizzled in sugar, how can one not drool!

#13 South Beach was so brightly lit with a million lights, packed full with people and balloons. It was quite a sight, and people are so jolly and happy. I was so drained from the lack of sleep and jet lag I was in a pretty down mood despite the atmosphere I was in, party pooper much. But that was after flying for 40 hours, and having to wait for the next connecting flight cuz we missed ours.

#14 Miami is filled with night clubs. and their clubs are opened till 6 in the morning, and it was quite a sight because at 2am there was still a line outside. Our stay in Miami was way too short though, only had like one proper full day to wander around.

#15 Part of Lincoln Road consists of art centers. They are all so creatively designed it adds so much flavor and vibe to that street. Typical touristy us snapping away along the streets.

#16 Tired looking me with Lincoln Theater.

#17 Blessed 2010! ;p

#18 I quote the wall: '' Art can make you look at something in an exciting and totally different way. It can give you the power to fly."

#19 Fireworks at 00.00am, 1st January '10.

I wish you were here, with me.
5 months, will things still be the same?

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