Thursday, January 28, 2010

a glimpse of my life in US

Off days are honestly bliss. It comes by so rarely that you'll take full advantage of every single bit of it when you get it. I'd sleep in late on cold days, and get the freedom to roam around this quaint little city when it's warm and sunny without work stuck in my mind. What's best is when I get two days off in a row, full potential to have decent rest and fun.

Tuesday marked one of those crazy long but fulfilling days. Those one-of-a-kind days, those that struck the unusual chord. I caught my first ever fish with a fishing rod yesterday! yes you heard me right, I had my first fishing experience down at the pier of Naples Gulf. Honest opinion, I used to think fishing is a waste of time, but I had a change of mind yesterday, it is indeed one of those relaxing sports you'd love to be up for when the weather's good. Put it this way, fishing is more than just merely fishing, it's taking in the ocean smell, feeling the sea breeze messing your hair, having the sun giving you that golden tan, sipping that thirst quenching Snapple Raspberry Tea, watch seagulls flying in the cloudless blue sky.. to sum it up in one word, calming. The tourist me would love to actually have some decent pictures show how the process went, but the brilliant klutzy me snag the camera out of the house without its battery. Le sigh , this is how forgetful I can be sometimes. I vow not to ever do such things again. To top the cherry on the icing, we managed to catch the last glimpse of sunset on Marco Island's beach. Beautiful, very beautiful indeed.

I'm currently too tired to think of what or how to phrase my sentences, or even to edit those pictures. Picture post coming up soon, can't believe I've already been here almost a month, time really flies doesn't it.

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