Saturday, January 2, 2010

... some moments don't come by twice.

#1 Spent a couple of days in Singapore to visit the bestie, at the same time do some much needed clothes shopping. The Merlion, proudly overlooking Singapore's river. Such a tourist destination, but I just had to since I was already at the Esplanade. Besides, it's too pretty at night to forgo.

#2 this is my darling bestie, to whom I dearly love and miss. we're exactly on the opposite side of the globe right now, and distance is honestly a bitch. Those four days were so rejuvenating for our relationship, and yes I know I have yet to reply your fb message, but I will soon I promise alright? (:

#3 I asked her for a clothes hunt, she brought me on a food tour instead. This is Chippy's, Bristish Take Away, fried mars bars with vanilla flavored ice cream. It's something different, but it doesn't scream 'you must eat me!'.

#4 THIS. THIS IS AWESOME. you don't even need to speak. you just eat, and the expression on your face will explain it all. mMm. (: It cost SGD 6 for a small slice though, pretty pricey, in comparison with that freaking awesome cheesecake I had from The cheesecake factory, going for USD8.10 but thrice the size, plus it comes with freshly whipped cream. Yum.

#5 Perks of being an air stewardess includes having the best of all worlds. Well, being one's best friend I got to enjoy the perks too! Hong Kong's most favourite egg tart, although I'm not a big fan of egg tarts, taste so good. But I can only imagine how it would taste like if it was fresh...

#6 Put two girls and a camera together, you'll end up with self timer syok sendiri shots. Well, it's not completely bimbotic. I honestly wanted the pictures for memories, just because some moments don't come by twice..

#7 She had a mini Christmas celebration whereby we whipped up some awesome home cook food, wine and great fellowship. I had the fun going grocery shopping. Picking out biscuits and feta cheese, and attempting my very own salad. (Fine, making salad honestly isn't hard, but I'm not a kitchen person ok. New year's goal is to learn up some culinary skills)

#8 Lynn's very own Clam Chowder, made from scratch.
*licks lip*

#9 The salad I 'made'. (:
I love feta cheese it taste so freaking awesome when mixed in salad.

#10 More pictures of ussss! (:
Everytime I browse through the pictures I smile.

#11 Handmade stockings filled with goodies and thingamagics.

#12 Orchard Road striking a pose.
Narcissistic much.

#13 Us again! at Ion Mall and reflections.

#14 This is the famous MOS burger in Unagi flavor. Tell me how not to put onweight when wherever I go people are feeding me good food. Not that I'm complaining much.

#15 DSLRs are so cool. Just you wait, just wait till I get my hands on one.

#16 Hard Rock Cafe Singapore as an early surprise 21st celebration, from Lynn. It was a pleasant surprise! Thank you for everything love!! The guy with the star shirt plays awesome guitar and sings beautifully to the song he plays. I have a few videos in my computer, it'll have to wait a lil while before I edit/upload them.

#17 Fooling around silly at The Coffee Connoisseur. Absolutely love that place, the salmon sandwich with avocado is love.

#18 Another awesome dish from TCC. Ok this post is filled with too many food pictures, maybe cuz I'm still contemplating between reheating that buffalo chicken pizza or just head to bed. it's 5am right now. I should just head to bed. G'nite world. Waking up tomorrow for grocery shopping! Am highly excited! Wheeee.

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