Tuesday, June 1, 2010

life in US part I

so, my updates are a lil' outdated. but i've finally stopped procrastinating, sharing experiences on US because right now I'm missing it. Life in US. It's like having a taste of a forbidden big juicy apple in comparison with that normal apple you have in hand. living the American dream for that little bit. or maybe just escaping reality for a short moment. no matter how you put it in words, it was one of the best escapades of my life. Bonita Springs, was the opposite of all I imagined. a quaint lil' town filled with retired community, with no proper public transportation system, it wasn't the best option ever. adaptation did it's job, and having the beach 5 minutes drive away from your apartment isn't all that bad really.

#1 Starting out was never easy. But we managed. We pulled through. and Bonita Beach Road is where our apartment was. The heart of Bonita Springs.

#2 starting our 9km journey of walking to Walmart. yes we were pretty insane, but we made it. and it was a big accomplishment.

#3 Shopping! and dressing up in layers for winter cuz it was so coldd. now that I'm back it's so hot here.

#4 home, for three months. living independently honestly ain't that bad. apart from the house chores, i actually embrace the idea of living as a bachelorette.

#5 Mode of transportation. Never in my life have I biked this much within the short span of three months. Insane.

#6 Shopping at my workplace. Whee.

#7 Never in my life I've cooked so much too. But I have secretly started to like cooking, and grocery shopping, and all things related. Being domesticated isn't all that bad, after all the infamous quote goes the way to a man's heart is through his tummy, ain't it?

#8 clad up in winter attires visiting the beach. it was freezing cold!

#9 Movie and Ice cream nights. having ice cream straight from the tub on bed can be pretty pampering. ;p

#10 cheap beers. chill out sessions.
I love Budweiser, esp when it cost less than 1 buck. ;p

#11 Night lights from the pier.perhaps one of the things I miss the most of Bonita is the sea breeze, and the sound of waves crashing up.

#12 Bonding with J1s over beer. My colleagues! it was funny how we had trouble communicating due to language barrier, all of them speak spanish as their first language. i do miss them though. we did have fun times despite the barrier we had.

#13 most of the J1s. (:

three months of living a bachelorette's life. of attending parties having to hide in the closet at the end when the police came, to cycling, to meeting new friends, and experiencing a totally different culture... i'm glad I signed up for the program.

more snail (wail) updates on US coming!

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