Sunday, June 6, 2010

life in US part II

winter, in florida,was delightfully cooling. it took awhile to accustomed ourselves to the chilly weather, but eventually it felt nice getting around in that weather. sips of hot chocolate warms up the body on cold winter nights, and palm-hugging the mug transferred some warmth to frozen fingers. the apartment's heater was constantly turned on for a warm toasty bed to snuggle in. dressing up in layers was one of the fun part, especially putting on scarfs! occasionally the sun decides to quit the hide and seek game, revealing its full glory for a nice beautiful day. grocery shopping, if i hadn't mentioned before, was a delight. frozen pizza going for a dollar, cakes so sinfully good... i could just walk in a grocery store to turn a sad face to a gleaming one. really.

so yes, although we worked our butt off, we had our fair share of fun. pictures::

#1 our make-shift chinese new year celebration. there were hardly any asians in town so we barely had chinese. Sold my soul to work on cny eve, but came back in time to join a gathering with loads of home-cook chinese dishes. i can still remember how good those pork ribs made by Nina, this girl from China. so. goood.

#2 in search of chinese food again. decided to visit asia fest. the char siew pau tasted so weird. and americanized asian food is heavily modified. but they had some taekwando performances and this golden buddha statue in the middle of the fest. that lil' bit of asian culture i guess.

#3 AWESOME FOOD!! omg looking at this picture itself is making me drool.
care to make an all american breakfast for me?

#4 FREE PANCAKE DAY. ok it wasn't all that awesome. but still it was free. totally drenched the pancakes in heavy doses of maple syrup i'm pretty sure it's diabetic.

#5 Matt.

#6 bowling! (:
i can't bowl for nuts, but at the very least i didn't get last place so hurrah.

#7 pizza buffet at Cici's. $3.99 for unlimited pizzas. awesome deal. their cinnamon rolls. are to die for. like seriously.

#8 americanizing ourselves. had tons of american breakfasts.

#9 baked chocolate chip muffins. ok i cheated all i did was buy Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, add water and egg, put it in the oven and tadaaa!

#10 British Pub. i loved the interior design. and how cozy bars in US can be.

#11 had one two many strawberry shortcakes. lots of strawberries, lots of whipped cream.. not to mention at a fraction of the price compared to here.

#12 St. Paddy's Day!!
all things green and irish beer. ;p
all so jolly and happy.

#13 Hector! at Dolly's for the last breakfast together.
i hate farewells.

#14 more crazy parties. (:

#15 share the loveeeeeee.

#16 Easter Sunday.
Perks of working in Publix. We're allowed to grab leftovers from the bakery!
we had cheese danishes, chocolate chip cookies, apple pies, all sorts of bread, biscuits, cheesecakes... i think we went a lil' too crazy.
totally couldn't finish more than half the food.

#17 Shopping at the outlet mall.
Joy joy joy! ;p

#18 spent easter evening watching sunset by the beach.
I <3> off days.

#19 sneak peek of my room.
it was pretty nice. (;

#20 walk in closet.

#21 ladies night! open barrrr.
mm cran-vodka.

#22 Kat's bday celebration.

#23 sesame chicken with pork fried rice and egg roll.

#24 blissful me.

ok updates on hold.


summer, in malaysia, on the other hand, is dreadfully hot. nothing has really changed. except for the fact my room is really pink now. and i no longer share it with my sis. change of status from a student to a working adult. oh, the most drastic change being the change from within. as for now, i'm glad for mamak sessions, and random salsa classes. cinnabon being the cherry of the icing. ;p

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