Monday, June 28, 2010

the working chapter

i finally understood what Monday blues feels like. it's not dreading for work, more like pulling yourself together to function responsibly after a weekend of letting loose. and the weekends are that good. that worth to sleep a little less to have that lil' bit more fun. work a little harder during weekdays to party a little harder on weekends. ahh, my blissful weekend was filled with everything else but work. breaking the rules of being Cinderella. being back in rangers once again, seeing them grow to become such a noisy cute bunch. caught two movies on the big screen. overspent on shopping. dim sum breakfast, har gao!. beers and wine. football. spending quality time with people in general. working life isn't that bad after all, although i badly miss the freedom of being a student, especially when half your friends are still enjoying that particular freedom. oh well, strength to persevere.

but the best cure to Monday blues is when a certain someone decides to have lunch with you, even though it's a 1 hour short lunch. with goodies. (: definitely made my day a better one.

pop me a little happiness wouldn't you?